Wednesday, April 23, 2008

starting over

well i am back home. the funeral for bob was yesterday. it was a lovely service, lots of people, great eulogies, catching up with long lost family etc. but it was so terribly sad to know we will never see him again. trent is a wreck, bobs partner is a wreck. its horrible to watch.

today feels very empty. i guess you dont realise how central someone was to your life until they're gone. there are now some life changes afoot but i cant blog about them yet. blogging itself seems a little weird.

not helped by the fact that i arrived home last night to find someone had left a comment on a post way back in february where i talked about the flyball nationals and what happened to our team there. it was a very nasty comment by a member of the opposition team, left anonymously. (i have now deleted the post and the comment).

i really hate internet trolls. when i find out who it was, and i will, there will be trouble. for all the joy that flyball brings our dogs, it brings me, as a person, so much grief to see the nasty, competitive, sneaky, cheating, mean spirited things that other people do to each other. nice work anonymous. really nice.

i blocked the shawl but it wasnt wet enough, i couldnt stretch it enough, and i was too impatient. i have to redo it. can i redo it?

and joy of joys, over the last few days i taught a 9 year old boy, emmanuel (minnie), my lovely step-brother-in-law (yes bob had a very complicated life) to knit. he is completely and utterly obsessed. love you min xx

will catch up with everyone over the next few days.
k xx


happyspider said...

Hang in there :( and stock up on the chocolate.
you can absolutely re-block your shawl. I dont have blocking wires either but i find that running a strong strand of heavy cotton yarn through the sides and then pinning that can get some good results. Of course, it helps that i have a nice big foam couch to pin it to...
good luck and i'm thinking of you (and blogland bastards; go to hell)

Caffeine Faerie said...

Big big big HUGS!

As the Happyspider has said, you can reblock the shawl. It'll be fine.

Stock up on some lindt, some tea, and possibly something like Monty Python to lighten the mood and know that we all send hugs and positive thoughts to you and Trent.

And those blogland bastards appear to lack etiquette even in the blogosphere. The really must be some kind of low down scum. (Clearly, they weren't brought up well).

Olivia said...

I'm so sorry for your loss of Bob. Trolls don't deserve any further consideration - deleted, gone. I'm glad you managed to spread the knitting love - we all understand that joy!

Georgie said...

Hugs to you and Trent; youve both been in my thoughts these last days. Take care of yourselves, lots of tea, chocolate, doggy hugs....yah boo sucks to trolls; deleted, gone.

TinkingBell said...

Extra hugs - eat chocolate, hug trent, buy beautiful yarn and knit something simple and wonderful!

Troooooolllllls - should be beheaded at dawn. Preferably by orcs. PHHHHT!

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear you had to come back to that. To me, it would feel like someone had broken into my house and made themselves a cup of tea while they were there. And then left the milk out. Horrid critters.

What the others said - look after yourself and I wish you all the very best!!

2paw said...

Boogelly people: spare them not another thought.
How wonderful to pass on the Knitting Bug!!