Wednesday, July 05, 2006


this is the baby sock to date, with heel flap ready for turning tomorrow night.

issues with socks so far:

1. stitches slipping off other end of DPN
2. pulling DPN out of stitches (thinking its the spare)
3. trouble getting the corners tight to avoid ladders
4. knitting in between the plys (well there are only four of them)
5. sudden increases in stitch numbers (see above) leading to slight 'ballooning' of sock (good for baby with gout i guess)
6. negotiating four needles, esp where it says "just leave the other two for now" do you leave something that keeps poking you in the forearm?
7. trying to understand the concept of "dividing stitches evenly" (that would be that maths thing again)
8. loosing count of rows for heel (i think i did fifteen....)
9. looming sense of dread at becoming addicted to sock knitting
10. nausea caused by repressed desire to run to LYS to add to sock stash (see above)

otherwise, a great feeling of satisfaction at having got this far. cant wait to learn more!



Margie said...

Wow. You're doing great. Way better than me... I've never made it past the ribbing.

kylie said...

ah but can i make a hood that points in the right direction? it appears not!

Taphophile said...

It was great to meet you, Kylie. :) Don't worry about the sock thing, it's mostly harmless ;)

Bells said...

I feel your pain re sock issues. When I eventually pick up my half done first ever sock again (and I will soon, thanks to Happy Spider's encouragement last night!) I think i will have to work hard to overcome these issues. But it'll be SOOO worth it!

Jejune said...

BUGGER I had no idea you were at SnB last night, and didn't get over to that side of Starbucks to say hi! Aaaaaargh!

That's what I get for not being up on the Blogs :p
Sorry. I'll do better next time.

And yes, do persevere with the socks, there's nothing more wonderful than wearing hand-knit socks. I only have two pairs, and wear them constantly. I clearly need to knit more!

Never fear - we've all done the 'pull the needle out, thinking it's the spare one' trick. Well, I know I have. And maybe more than once, but I'm not saying.

kylie said...

i did see you there with your archery beanie and the lovely jumper but i was so totally absorbed in the intricacies of learning to manipulate little slivers of metal around bits of string in the service of heel turning i didnt leave my chair! im sure i had my tongue sticking out in concentration! we will chat next time :)

happyspider said...

well.. just to hold up the happy spider sterroptype for everyone...