Monday, May 29, 2006

disaster strikes

well ladies it had to happen sometime. i have had my first major knitting disaster. here am i smugly getting through trents new jumper from the jo sharp pattern book on nice jo sharp wool, and i get to the bit where you stop doing the rib pattern and just do stocking stitch and things start to not look right. the rib isnt flowing into the stst like it should. so i look at the picture and lo and behold the rib pattern has more stst in it than mine does. that is:

yes, blind freddy could spot the difference (just not me apparently). so then i look at the pattern intrustructions again.

this is what it says. *p3 k1 p1 k1 repeat from * to last three stitches p3.

and what have i been doing you ask? what a good question. i have been doing this: p3 *k1 p1 repeat from * to last three stitches p3. yes thats right, single rib with two lots of p3s on either end.

let me be clear that the asterisk is actually BEFORE the first p3, not AFTER!!!! obviously my brain just decided that it looked better after.

so i ring the aforementioned trent at work and tell him of this disaster, and he says - brace yourself - "no i didnt think it looked right". oh! he didnt think it looked right! did he tell me that before now???? nooooooooo!! what makes him think it didnt look right, i ask. it didnt look like the picture, he says. so calm, so nonchalant. the computer programmer knows it doesnt look like the picture. me, the 'artistic' (and i use that term loosely) one, cant spot the difference. nice work kylie.

let the unravelling begin.

k :( (soooo not happy jan)

ps thank god snb is this thursday night and i can 'work through' my issues in a group...


Taphophile said...

I like the new fabric, though. I'll bring a ball winder Thursday - it'lll make the unravelling easier.

Bells said...

oh that hurts. That really, really hurts. I feel your pain, deeply!

Taphophile said...

Ball winder, Yarn no. 1 all packed. :)

Jejune said...

Oh y ou poor thing - it's awful isn't it - and you just KNOW you have to unravel it all :( And it will be SO satisfying when it's all reknit properly...

I once had to unpick a whole section of a very detailled cross-stitch and redo it - I put it off for, oh, about 4 years!