Saturday, July 08, 2006


i do believe this is a heel

maybe not the best one ever turned but a heel nonetheless. thanks to ms spider on thurs night it looks like me and the sock thing might work out. i am already planning my next pair. after i get to 9cms, graft the toe and do the other one of this pair, of course!

i also wrote most of a chapter this week but the sock is much more satisfying.

more to come...



happyspider said...

/basks in the pride of one who has spread disease

Taphophile said...

Woot! No heel left unturned in Spidey's domination of the world, one sock at a time.

Congrats on the heel and the chapter. :)

Jejune said...

I used that same Patonyle for my first-ever socks, great choice, great choice ;) Congrats on getting the chapter finished too - hard slog, that.