Sunday, July 09, 2006

showing some restraint

ok so i am back from the bus depot market, i went by myself, leaving poor trent to entertain his dad and two teenage half-brothers (there's only so much testosterone a girl can handle, especially when there is wool to be had). i was determined not to miss today, having been off herding last time. i think i showed remarkable restraint:

5 ply 100% wool, 100g, $10 each. not bad. the plan is socks. the greeny one is for 'someone' who likes to head out to the desert every so often (yes that would be you miss d), the one in the middle looks like it might be a graduation present for a recalcitrant renee (if i do ankle socks i can probably get two pairs and then i can give a pair to erin just because this is soooooo her colourways!) and the red one is for meeeeee. after i make the pink grapefruit socks, of course. yes i have gone sock mad.

i bought all of these from the one place, i stood for ages at the glenora weaving stand talking to christine (who used to run the wool place at gerringong i spoke of earlier before she sold it to someone else who decided everyone on the south coast needed to learn felting *sigh*). i had bags of gorgeous coloured tops and that lush silk merino, thinking perhaps i could persuade, bribe, cajole someone with a wheel to spin them for me (i am trying very hard to stick to one obsession at a time), and then i thought about the lovely soft alpaca or the merino/possum blend, but something started getting up my nose ( i am slightly sensitive to yarns that arent 100% wool) and i thought id better just stick to adding to the sock stash. like i said, restrained.

i did also buy some lovely lavender hand cream and some mandarins. see honey, i do spend money on things other than knitting!

look forward to seeing if 'someone' can outdo her legendary haul from last time. i went early so there'd be something left (was it like crazy busy there today or what?!).

k :)


happyspider said...

i dont know if i can bring myself to show it... i'm a good girl i am, really!

kylie said...

come on 'fess up!

Taphophile said...

Oooh, good haul, Kylie. I see the sock spider has well and truly bitten. :) You can borrow my Traveller wheel if you want to learn to spin. Trust me, you can't suck any worse than I do.

happyspider said...

ok, confession is out. ... wench!
and ditto, you're welcome to play with my wheel anytime :)