Wednesday, July 19, 2006

spider sock part one

i have finished my first ever adult sock:

made with Spider Sock Self Striping Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Pink Grapefruit, i think its awesome! heres what it looks like on:

i am only doing ankle socks cos i want two (funnily enough) and the wool is rare and precious, and i am pretty happy with how its turned out - i added a few stitches at the beginning to get it around my ankle but i probably didnt need so many, the rest fits but i think i need a slightly larger heel, having broad flat feet. like a hobbit.

and it feels luxurious on and i never want to take it off which means i now need to make the second one quickly. although there is a half done sleeve of a jumper yelling at me, so i might go finish that now.

and i have the first signs of flu. thanks for that honey.



Taphophile said...

You must knit the sock. It's for the good of your health. If socks can cure cancer then the flu should be a doddle. :)

kylie said...

you are, as ever, right. besides who can "keep pattern correct" increasing on a rib involving multiples of three while zonked out of your head on codral? i'll try and explain this to the jumper and its potential wearer as i go around again with the pink grapefruit :)

happyspider said...

YAY! I am SO proud, i feel like a parent of another sock addiction, wheeeeee!!!
congratulations, it's GORGEOUS!

kylie said...

you are indeed the parent of a very serious sock addiction, you should be very proud :) and you should be very proud of your amazing wool producing. i am going to have these ready and wearing to next SnB just to show everyone!! ps because of your instructions i now think that socks are easy...scary really!

Margie said...

Gorgeous. I have found that the hand knit socks that Mon made me loosen up quite a bit after a couple of wears so the heels might turn out to be just right. Not to worry! :D