Saturday, July 29, 2006

black friday

no pix snazzy new finished jumper...and i wasnt going to use this blog as a diary kind of thing but sometimes things just get in the way!

i went to uni yesterday for supervision and had sent both of my supervisors what i had been working on, which was a new chapter one which now combined parts of chapter two as a result of feedback they gave me last time. i worked really hard on it and tried to be very clear about why every idea was there and how it related to the argument of the thesis.

i did not get a good reception. firstly one was disappointed because he said it was not what 'they had told me to do' last time (ie, go away and finish writing chapter one as planned even tho it had become clear that that wasnt working and i had had an idea for how to fix it and emailed them to that effect) and so he thought that i had not made any progress and had in fact gone backwards. i had given the section i had written to someone who knows about the theories i am using and he thought it was an 'impressive' exposition. now i had my two immediate supervisors telling me it was bad and worse, they didnt understand it, and that this was somehow my fault. i grant that some of it is my fault, obviously, but its hard to hear they dont get something that seems so obvious to you, that you worked really hard on. i cried. i can take constructive criticism but i just wonder what they want from me sometimes...

meanwhile, i finished the second sleeve on trents jumper only to find there is about three inches too much pattern on the second one compared to the first (did i think to check as i went...noooo) and so i have frogged it back so the amount of pattern matches, but the width doesnt because somehow i have not increased at the same rate on the second sleeve as i did on the first, so i have to add ten stitches in about four rows to get it at the same width so i can at least do the raglan and the decrease correctly and hope and pray that when i sew it up it a. fits and b. looks ok!!!

so not a good day all round really, except for wearing the spider socks which everyone loved and which made me smile everytime i looked down and were the only bright and colourful points in an otherwise bleak day!

on that cheery note...till next time.



Jejune said...

((( big hugs )))

From my experience as a 'support person' through my huband's and sister's PhDs, I can guarantee that it's one of the most difficult things you'll ever do. My husband still remembers the day when one of his pages came back without ANY red pen corrections scribbled all over it.

Bugger about the sleeves - I'm making my first jumper for my hubby, and Taph told me about knitting both sleeves at once (on a long circular needle, knitting back and forth (not around) with a separate ball of wool for each sleeve) - that way you can make the decreases and pattern rows at the same time, and they end up being identical. They might have identical mistakes, but at least they're matched ;)

happyspider said...

awww kylie :( you poor darling
/big yarny hug

kylie said...

thanks guys feeling better today... determined to not let them get to me! the sleeve has been frogged back twice now cos i cant read patterns but should be finished finally by tonight. the idea of doing them both ar once is a brainwave, definitely will use it next time!