Tuesday, July 25, 2006

working sheep

spent last weekend practicing herding sheep again, possum has had a major breakthrough and understands she should at least attempt to work them quietly and under my direction rather than running herself and the sheep ragged:

it felt very nice, and we even worked on a recall, where i get her to change direction behind me. i still had to remind her i was there with her a couple of times but i can get her to stop on command almost all the time now:

in this photo you can see that she is actually looking at me rather than at the sheep behind me. from little things big things grow as they say.

i didnt get as much knitting done as i would like, i have nearly finished the increasing on trents jumper sleeve and i promised him he could wear it this weekend coming, but i am also trying to finish my second spider sock to wear to wollongong on friday so.....

and then there is a chapter deadline. i swear yesterday i nearly put an axe through the computer, i was having so much trouble putting words into sentences. today i read what i laboured over and decided its all irrelevant and can cut it anyway. this is a very soul-destroying process. someone remind me why i am doing it again? especially when there is knitting waiting to be done.




Margie said...

Remind me what you are writing again? Is it a thesis? My soul got destroyed that's for sure. But also it got rebuilt when I came through the other end. And now next week I am graduating and I get to wear a puffy hat :) Surely the hat is worth it.... hmmm.
Although I think other peeople are way more impressed with it than I am also.

I know what you mean about no knitting time. I REALLY want to finish renovating my hoodie but I got called to cover for a friend's Tupperware party tonight and I can't really turn down earning money in order to knit.. I have just got the hood/collar to re-finish and I am sure that is only an evening's work.

kylie said...

yeah its supposed to be a phd (history with some social theory thrown in)...it seems the closer i get to the finish the further i feel from the reasons i started it, esp the excitement of the ideas!! no one ever told me it would be such hard work, mentally and emotionally. but the hats do look really good :) i look forward to seeing pix of you wearing yours. and i cant believe what you did to your hoodie, you are very brave!

Taphophile said...

It will be all worth it in the end. Then the serious knitting and spinning can start.

Margie said...

It is easy to forget why you started. And it's easy to forget that the project is yours and not your supervisor's. My project turned in a really bad direction and I didn't have the guts to say I didn't want to go that way. So I ended up with a specialisation that I was completely *over* when I finished.

Having said that, I'm now working in a related field, hoping to move from this into a different related field, and so on... I guess it's the piece of paper that counts, shows people you've got the skills to research and form theories rather than exactly that you can redo the exact tasks you did for your project. I guess that might be different in a history one than a chemistry one though. Or rather, more so, for a history one.

I was really not happy with the hoodie at all. Now I love love love it and I don't want to take it off even though it's really too warm to be wearing it in the office. The hood was making it sit really low around my neck and I hate having a cold neck. Now it's lovely around my neck. Better to remodel and have it great than be stuck with something second rate! :D

kylie said...

thanks for that marg - you know i just had a terrible supervision today that was about that exact thing, me trying really hard to overcome their resistance to my ideas...i will blog about it more when i get a clearer head. you're right tho about the paper thing - the fact of just having done it...i am hanging onto that because im too close to give up now.

and also, on the remodelling thing, i have taken heart from your renovations on the hoodie because i discovered a bad mistake in the sleeve of the jumper that i thought i finished last night and am going to have to frog it! but now, because of your posts on the hoodie, i know its possible to recover....more about that later too!

have a great graduation by the way :)