Wednesday, October 03, 2007

all about the socks

we had a fabulous long weekend, detailed accounts in three parts can be had at the coffee blog, including a lengthy analysis of my yard dog trial. it didnt go too bad, all things considered!

knitting of socks did take place, in the car:

and at the camp site:

the first contrast sock was finished this morning:

they are not for me, but my foot is the model/fit-tester. knitting the second one is part one of my sock challenge.

knitting the second one of these is also part of part one:

these are the picot eyelet socks from black dog knits, in hand made berry stipey spider sock yarn.

then i am thinking along the following lines - for something different some lace bootie types with this cotton:

then some monkeys with this, for a friend:

then some jaywalkers with this:

then some embossed leaves or other part-lace with this:

then a whole heap of fibonacci socks (need at least three pairs for the dog sports team) with these:

phew. im exhausted already!

k xx


TinkingBell said...

Wow - I'm awestruck - that is amaozing - I'll watch your progress - that is a real challenge!

Rose Red said...

So well planned! Can't wait to see the fibonacci socks! (love the colours!)

Bells said...

so much sock knitting goodness. You're gonna be busy.

I love the contrast socks. I'm very keen to do some myself!

Margie said...


I love the yarn you are planning monkey socks with.

I find it daunting to have even two things on my to-knit list. You are amazing!!

Michelle said...

Ooh! St Kilda Socks!! ;-)

I'm impressed you know what you are knitting with which yarn. I would have to have tags or something and even then I'd change my mind.

Jo said...

umm, what happened to the photo of the 'knitting the socks in the pub during the manly losing game with the kid in the manly jumper as a backdrop?'

hmm? lose that one did we?

Carolyn said...

I love the sock in shades of black and grey. It looks amazing.

kms said...

joanne i have no idea what you are talking about, you evil evil girl