Sunday, November 09, 2008

just a couple of things...

been a bit busy here this week....i meant to blog on thursday about something that we did on wednesday night but lost track of time, so will do it now!

so, on wednesday night trent and i had dinner at chez jardin de botanique (thats my made up french). this was the view from our 'table':

then we went to the sydney peace prize lecture inside said opera house to hear patrick dodson talk. his inspiring lecture was preceeded by a fantastic and moving welcome to country, and archie roach and ruby hunter singing, and then followed by the moorambilla voices, the most fantastic little choir ive ever seen, and the kids were so awesome and beautiful they made me cry. i was in a choir when i was young (and have been in one again as an adult) and their joy in singing and performing brought back a lot of memories.

the welcome to country (sorry, i cant find a good link to explain what this means to international readers...but it could be a good research project!) made me very aware of how i feel about living deep in traditional aboriginal land up here - you cant help but feel it every time you look around, and the interesting connection between this and childhood memories is my returning to therapy this week. it went really well and i like her a lot, although i had to put aside my thoughts about her being white south african. this doesnt matter in terms of therapy, but it has been interesting since moving here to see the predominance of white south africans, so much so that the local franklins has a south african food section. i bring this up because it strikes me as ironic that in a country that is forever banging on about assimilation and ghetto-isation of migrants (see recent debate about the islamic school in camden, for example), no one ever said anything about all the south africans living up here. again, i dont care where migrants live or what they do there, so long as they share their yummy food, but as a whitey migrant (polish on my dads side) in a black country, i feel a little uneasy about the good life i have and the 5 acres i'm having it on. i wish more people were just a little bit uneasy about it as well, maybe then a change might come to australia as well....

on a lighter note, yesterday i had the great pleasure of driving 4 hours to be told my cobblestone pullover was twisted. see, i went down to helen's at bundanoon to catch up with george and bells and to meet some lovely new canberra knitters as well, and to try yet again the art of spindle spinning, at which i am irredeemably remedial, and bells asked how the cobblestone was going, and i pulled it out and george and bec say, almost in unison, is that twisted? of course, i had no idea what they meant. i always read that line in the sock pattern that says 'join to knit in the round being careful not to twist the stitches' but that only happened to me the very first time i knit socks on my own and i saw straight away there was a problem. i didnt even think about it on a circular cable. i just joined them up and off i went, and i had done about an inch when it was spotted. i am of course entirely thankful to my fellow knitters, who made sure my cast on and rejoin was not twised, but i cant help but feel that all my recent talk about technique kind of rings a bit hollow today!

i did pick up a couple of things from out of helens little lounge room store, but i was quite restrained - some dark stripey sock yarn, because dark sock yarn is hard to find:

and some 5 ply to make fetchings:

it was a lovely day and i had a lovely drive home and when i got out of the car there was the smell of bush fire smoke (i think they have been back burning this weekend) followed by the most amazing sunset:

everything is ok, today.

k xx


m1k1 said...

days like wednesday and saturday are just the ticket for raising the spirits i would think.
i love the colours of your wool purchases. very artistic - the palette of wool and sky.

Michelle said...

What a perfect evening to spend in the city! I'm glad the therapist is nice and it went well. Hopefully you will continue to receive benefit from going.

Bells said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your evening out. That would have been a spectacularly good show with that line up.

I confess to not having contemplated white south africans living here. Until I met Shelley, I am not sure I ever met any others!

so glad you we got your cobblestone untwisted. Phew. I've so been there.

And finally, gorgeous sunset.

Caffeine Faerie said...

Yes, you made my eye twitch there for a while, being a white ex-saffie. (Although I'm a quiet about it, I've got a kiwi passport, but the borewors, biltong, and hankering after saffie sweets gives me away). I'll let you off the hook about that comment though - go live in Auckland for a while - they teach afrikaans in a few of the locals school there. What assimilation and embracing on a new culture?! Huh. /*falls off soapbox*

Anyway, Wednesday sounded beautiful, and your stash enhancement... ah - so beautiful!!! Sorry to have missed you.

And that sunset. I got my rain, but I didn't see a sunset like that you did- stunning photo. I missed that sort of thing in the UK.

kms said...

oh they sell some of that stuff up here, im working up to trying some. i saw some amazing looking berry strudle today, is that traditional? of course, i dont have any problem with the 'saffies' (cute) being in one place, its more the hypocrisy of the mainstream media complaining about some cultures and not others. personally i think assimilation is a bad idea, im a 'salad bowl' type not a melting pot!

Caffeine Faerie said...

You've not heard the term saffie? lol.
How about SANZAC? Or SAUSNZ? It's the only proper explanation that can be given when grilled over who you support during rugby games. Especially hard when you've lived in all three (answer - the AB's in the Aussies in the cricket [except when its the Ashes, then I have to think about it].)


Hope you've checked your email. ;p

knitting sprouts said...

That night out sounds brilliant. I have been to hear Mick Dodson talk and Archie and Ruby singing - its gets in your bones doesn't it? lovely to meet you yesterday too

amy said...

Thank you for the suggestion, I found some explanatory links on Welcome to Country. Is dark sock yarn really that hard to find? It's not here, although maybe I'm misunderstanding?

Gorgeous sunset. :)

Rose Red said...

Nice, all very nice - picnic (I think?!) in the Botanic Gardens, Peace Prize, Bundanoon, YARN!!. Oh, not nice about twist in Cobblestone but good that it's fixed!

Oh, and I agree about the hypocrisy. Sigh.

Fernicle said...

What a great view of the best house in Australia!

A young Brit once asked me if I felt guilty about what happened/is happening to Aboriginal people in Australia. I asked him if he did, and he asked why he should feel guilty?

I think there is room for all people living comfortable industrialised lifestyles to feel some guilt about the excess they enjoy while so many others suffer.
Am reading a fine balance and the problem is global I think...