Tuesday, November 25, 2008

photos of photos

i was hoping to bring you some pictures of the hair cut, because trent took some on the weekend, but a terrible thing has happened. we went out on sunday for a drive in the rain, and trent took some great pictures of things along the way, and then on the way home we detoured via a big homewares supercentre near our place where there is a big electronics chain store. im going to name them, it was domayne, and we sat in front of one of those little print stations and printed off some of these photos. this was the first time we had done this, and we had a lot of fun, and when we got home i cut some of them up and put them in these glass photo-coasters i got for my birthday. they look great, and we were happy.

this morning, i pulled out the memory card and plugged it into the computer to resize some of the pix for blogging, only to find that ALL of the pictures we took on sunday are not rendering, plus also some random others. some we printed, some we didnt. now i dont know if there is a problem with those machines, or we did something wrong, or something else has happened to the memory card, but i am Not Happy Jan. they were great photos, and i am disappointed by their loss.

i have however, taken photos of some of the prints with my little digital. they are not quite the same thing, but you get the idea.

so, on sunday it was raining. we went for a drive down into the national park at the back of our place, where there are a couple of nice little spots with marinas for the locals to park their boats etc. we stopped for a while at cottage point. trent took photos of the oysters:

sydney rock oysters. mmmm. and a couple of shots of me when i wasnt looking, including close ups of the hair cut, which are gone. this one remains, which even i quite like:

the hair doesnt look this good now, cos i washed it and i dont have one of those super straighteners but i am happy enough with how it works with no styling!

then we went and had a coffee and snack at the kiosk:

and trent took some great shots of the boats and the rain:

i also spent some time on sunday trying to cast on one of my christmas sock presents. because it was a failure i can tell you what i was planning, which was a pair of embossed leaves for someone in this:

it is lovely knittery slim socks, but there is no way this pattern and this yarn go together. this yarn needs to be knit on really small needles, not on 2.75s, so after three attempts at casting on that rather complicated tubular thing, i gave up. i sat and looked at it for a moment, thinking how it might be called a sock yarn but really its a lace weight, as thin as the cashmere i am knitting the Victorian Ruby with, and suddenly a light bulb went on over my head. 500 yards of potential lace weight grinned up at me. who said you had to give people SOCKS for christmas? so this is destined to be something a little more exciting and the recipient might not get it for christmas, but it will at least now be fun trying. also slated for a christmas present is this:

colinette jitterbug in vatican pie. this colour is not listed on their website anymore (but if you go look especially in jitterbug it is still there). i have my own sock design in mind for this one, and am planning to cast on today sometime, hopefully, though i am very busy with research work deadlines, and a guy here fitting new blinds, and other projects that are going to have to languish for a while because it has just occurred to me that in fact it is exactly one month until christmas. how the hell did that happen????

k xx


Rose Red said...

Omg, it is only a month until Christmas! Gah! And I have to pack up my house and move and unpack and knit a Christmas gift and finish some other stuff and omg I think I'm hyperventilating...

Nice photos of photos, by the way.

TinkingBell said...

Love the vatican pie - such a great colour - and the hair looks fab too - sounds like a very nice day all round!

amy said...

I love the color of your hair!!

kms said...

thanks amy, courtesy of l'oreal, which, altho not far off my natural colour, does NOT give 100% grey coverage :)

Bells said...

Trent's got a great eye. Fabulous photos of fabulous photos. Love the hair! As a curly haired brunette, I too know the joy of the work done by someone else in straightening it once in a while.

I think you are so right to convert those socks to lace!

Those rock oysters are giving me a craving. Sydney oysters are SO good.

2paw said...

I laughed at the Vatican Pie colour!!! Very Papal! I have a straightener and I have been playing hairdressers with my own hair!!! Your hair looks exceedingly good!!
Nice pictures, I like the rain.

m1k1 said...

Yes indeedy to all the above comments. I also like your new id picture, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was before. Too often I look but do not see. How sad.

Fernicle said...

That is a lovely pic of you Kylie - they are always best when you are not looking.

Crazy about Christmas hey, it means I have to send all my presents in the next couple of weeks! Yikes!


Jejune said...

Great photos of photos - real bugger about the card being stuffed up. Good pic of you too!

Glad you're enjoying the lace!