Tuesday, November 11, 2008

lace dilemmas

bells has been blogging about peoples 'lacy summer' conquests, and i am frustrated. not with bells, heaven forbid. with myself. it turns out i am a dreadful lace fusspot. i was working on cambria with the bruised bloodwood 'packy, but suddenly i yawned and was bored. its a lovely pattern but its written for a 4 ply and the packy is not that, and it was too open and light, and cambria is not lacey enough for a lace weight. so i frogged it. i know i know.

the dilemma of course is what else to do. i have two lace weight options. unlike some who have whole baskets and still cant decide.

i have the bloodwood, looking a little sad now that i have frogged it and cant rewind it into a yarn cake.

(i heard centre pulling balls werent a good idea for lace weight anyway, but im pretty sure ripping back three times isnt great either...).

and then i have one single skein of the most incredible 2 ply cashmere:

today i fell in love with nancy bush's estonian scarf, and the whole idea of learning something new in 'nupps', and i downloaded the pattern and it is just gorgeous, but i need about 100 yards more than i have in the jade sapphire.... do you think i could cast on less stitches and make it narrower perhaps as it does block out pretty wide? and i SOOOO want this book. otherwise im thinking this one might work, although i worry its too similar to the shetland triangle pattern.

for the bloodwood i have my heart set now on the melon pattern(rav) from victorian lace today (and what wouldnt i give for that one?).

do you see a theme developing here? i have learnt something in this quest for the perfect lace pattern about what i like in a lace. i knew with the shetland triangle that i liked things that were circular as opposed to angular. so diamond type patterns are out. but more than that, i like something that is really lace. by really lace i guess i mean heirloom type lace. something really symbolic, with historical meaning (hence my love of all things nancy bush) or of cultural significance (hence the estonian). and something really lacey, like complicated with charts and fancy patterns. the cambria was too straightforward in that area.

this is kind of ironic, considering i cant even get the most straightfoward things like garter stitch in the round right. you will be amused i know to hear that the cobblestone got frogged AGAIN because i had managed to knit two rows of stocking stitch somewhere in amongst the garter stitch. i tried to tink it but no luck, so i ripped it. i cast on for the third time last night, which is about right for me on any serious project, and am working on 'bringing my awareness closer'.

oh, and i promise no more soap boxing on controversial social justice issues for at least a week. promise.

k xx


Rose Red said...

I think the alpacky will make a lovely melon scarf.

And I've downloaded the Nancy Bush pattern - the centre is only one repeat wide, so you wouldn't be able to make it smaller (I don't think) but the edging is knitted on, in the round, so you could make it narrower. Sometimes also they don't take the full amount of yarn specified in the pattern - it says two skeins, but it might only take 1.5, so you might have enough anyway! Nice!

Michelle said...

Bugger about the 3rd ripping! Hope you find the right pattern soon.

m1k1 said...

* The stork's nest pattern does seem to be the same motif used in the shetland, and since it is a rectangular piece, I think it might get a little tedious after a while, since you've already mastered it.
* Melon pattern looks noice.
* I agree with RR. You could make the Estonian scarf border narrower. You know you will need about 4 times the length of each row/round (not forgetting the stretchy blockiness), so weigh what is left of the skein after doing the body, estimate the length you have and you will know roughly how many rounds you can knit.

Bells said...

you're really not having a good run are you? What about those fetchings we talked about - just to give you some mojo back?

knitting sprouts said...

what a drag - I wish I could come up with some amazing suggestion - but I just frogged my first attempt at laceweight!