Sunday, November 23, 2008

totally addicted to lace...

wo-oh wo-oh (ear worm anyone?)

today i am glad i am not a dog, because dogs cant knit lace. and knitting lace is So. Much. Fun.

i had yesterday to myself, trent had the joy of being chauffer and playmate to young things at jamberoo (where you control the action. i do believe he went on the taipan. twice). there was not room for me in the bus. oh well.

so i made yesterday into a kylie-day (i am trying to let go of the guilt of even saying that, because in some ways i feel like everyday is a kylie-day, but like george once said, i feel guilty if i sit and do nothing while there are even possible chores that could be done) but i made myself ignore the vacuuming and ironing. i needed time and space to let go of a few balloons, so i did.

first i got my hair cut. its been a while, and i was quite attached to my old hairdresser who knew how to deal with too much curly stuff. also its usually an expensive exercise, but i found a mid range place in the local mall, and was lucky to get a very good cutter who was not scared by putting layers into curls, and i even had a treatment, as it has been let go too long. everyone in the salon commented on the end result, so that made me feel good, and then i bought some groceries, and a birthday present (not mine, and personally i am quite glad that the sun has now passed from scorpio thanks very much), and came home to start HP and the Half Blood Prince for the third time (finished the Order of the Phoenix on friday).

then, there being nothing on tv, and no ABC shop in the local mall (i was hoping to buy the dvds of life on mars, which i loved but didnt catch all of on tv), i went back to the beginning of the xfiles, and worked on ruby. i am at row 22:

i think i am starting to see the pattern. there might be one place where i messed up a bit but i am not sure, so im not ripping! it looks vaguely like its supposed to and its one of those patterns that wont show until you do the whole chart, but i am really pleased with it so far, and the yarn, oh the yarn. jade sapphire mongolian cashmere. you may drool now:

then i went for a little stroll around the block with miss possum, and showered and dressed and drove out to the burbs where i met trent for a friends birthday dinner. it was a very nice meal, in very nice company, and we got home late and crashed.

this morning i am happy to report that the wallabies beat france (i am not surprised that new zealand won the rugby league world cup and am quite happy about it really, not being a fan of the current crop if gen Y footballers), and now trent is out mowing, and i am going to do the vacuuming i promise, but not before i show you pictures from the garden, in appreciation of the simple things and the wonderful space we have here. someone, long again, tried to make more formal gardens here, but its all been overgrown. the agapanthus survive, not in as good shape as they could be, but they make an interesting juxtaposition to the natives:

the pots are going well, we have had too much rain this week probably and not enough sun, but at night time there are heaps of spider webs around the pots and i think this will take care of pests for me. i also gave them a drink of worm wee this morning. i dont know if the plants like it but jem did:

and is not the passionfruit flower one of the most spectacular things youve ever seen:

the vine is wild and straggly and unkempt but covered with buds. heres hoping for some fruit.

k xx

ps thanks for the all kind words, it helped a lot :)


Rose Red said...

Ha ha, word verification is "mates". How perfect!

I am glad you are not a dog too. For a whole range of reasons unrelated to knitting lace. Although of course that is a perfectly good reason not to be a dog as well.

Loving the cashmere lace. And you are so right about the passionfruit flower - you know, I'm not entirely sure I've ever seen one before. It's wonderful.

And go the Kylie days. They are tops!

Michelle said...

Oh goodie! Kylie Day! glad you had one, and gladder (ha!) that you enjoyed it.

The lace is gorgeous. I am no knitter, but I did gasp as I scrolled down and saw it. I am dying to crochet something pretty other than non-pretty socks. Maybe I should do a lacy cardi or something.

Bells said...

No photos of the hair???!!! That's what I was really looking for, but am very happy to see great lace and flower photos instead. Beautiful stuff.

You so needed and deserved a Kylie day. they are good. May there be more of them on your horizon.

m1k1 said...

When I'm working from a complicated graph, I draw a wiggly thread on the graph where the "tail" of my knitting is - the end of the cast on thread - and check every row whether I'm working from the correct end of the pattern row.

Caffeine Faerie said...

Purdy knitting. (Quite gorgeous, in fact)... cashmere. *sighs*

And your passionfruit flower... Ah. Fingers crossed you get some fruit of that thing!