Friday, November 28, 2008

a quick WIP around

i thought it was time to blog about some knitting in between all the rest of the stuff thats been going on around here. especially given theres no point philosophising anymore.

so i am working on a few things. firstly, my easy night time knitting (now that i figured out how to join in the round on something big without twisting) is cobblestone:

doesnt look like much but it is growing and will be ready in time for next winter, trust me. its such a lovely design, and the yarn and colour are perfect. its just endless stocking stitch, thats all.

to balance that out, i am working on not one but two lace projects. i blogged before about frogging the embossed leaves socks in the knittery slim sock, and i have opted instead for the Scarf with a handsome border from Victorian Lace Today:

i would like this one to be nearly done by christmas, so i have put ruby on the back burner for now:

but i do miss her. i am totally in love with this book which jen lent me, and i am going to have to give it back at some point, so it was with some glee that i saw a copy of it on the shelf last night at tapestry craft snb (my first time, it was very nice), and i took it down to the counter but of course it was a little *cough* expensive, and it was the last copy, and i didnt really want to pay $70 for a very well thumbed and crumpled edition. i settled for some extra knitpicks options tips and cables, but when i came home i did happen to look it up on amazon and they do happen to have it for under $20 and with the shipping and currency conversion it did still only come to about $44so i may have slipped and ordered it...when it arrives i will return yours jen i promise!

i am also making up a pair of socks with the vatican pie jitterbug. i really think this is the best sock yarn, such gorgeous colours and crisp stitch definition:

the pattern is called SweetiePie and borrows elements from my other favourite socks, so its plagiarised really. its got a picot edge (my favourite sock edge, doesnt keep the sock up but looks lovely), then two rows of purl rather than eyelets for a ribbon. then i had to work out where the back of the sock was going to be, (or which stitches would end up being the heel flap) and then on the ends of those particular needles i am doing k2 p2 and then knitting the rest. this is to make a column of purls on either side of the leg which will run down to match the k2p2 at the edge of the german heel from knitting vintage socks, which is my all time favourite heel. you dont want anything much going on with the jitterbug, it does all the good stuff by itself i reckon.

there are two other pairs of socks also on the go, a simple rib for me thats resting while i do the xmas knitting, and one sock of a christmas pair that i am saying nothing about right now.

plenty to keep me busy.

and in other stuff, because i cant help it, i am frustrated beyond belief at insurance companies and smash repairers who have had the smashed up subaru for over 2 weeks but only just started work because the insurance company were thinking about writing it off given how much its going to cost, but of course our policy only has a rental car for 14 days, and those days are up, and they wont extend it! we have other cars here we can use but its a pain and i want my subaru.

also painful has been the process of replacing my mobile phone which i managed to put through the washing machine. not just IN the washing machine, but through a whole cycle. i didnt like any of the telstra replacements so trent got one through work and it has taken them forever to figure out how to unlock it so i can use it on the telstra network, but its working today finally. i meant to take a picture, its shiny and red and comes in a red velvet pouch and the ring tone goes 'hello moto' (its a motorola). i feel whole again. call me superficial, go on, i dare ye!

k xx


Rose Red said...

I love the hello moto!!

Mmmm, lots of lovely knitting - you know how much I love that Vatican Pie...

And I'm so pleased you bought VLT! It really is a must have book!

m1k1 said...

Sweet sweet sweetievaticanpie
The great thing about VLT is that when you're not knitting the lace you can just admire the beautiful locations they used for the photos.

Bells said...

I almost just picked up my phone to text you, just to give you the thrill of hearing the hello moto! Then I thought, no that's just silly!

We must discuss picot edges. I tried one once and we didn't get along. But you love it so there must be a way. We shall discuss.

I think cobblestone is looking fabulous. Sure, it's early days but the yarn is knitting up like a dream - look at that stitch definition!

And lace. Such lovely, lovely lace. Sigh.

amy said...

I love the color of your Cobblestone!! I also love my Cobblestone and can tell you it's so perfect for chilly days. And it knits up super quick. It'll be done before you know it!

knitting sprouts said...

I have to get some of that red sock yarn - it is stunning adn so hard to come by a good red.

TinkingBell said...

I love jitterbug and must start knitting the vatican pie

My mobile phone is 10 years old (last weeks in fact) banana yellow, looks and feels rather like a brick and rarely gets turned on (which is why I have had it for 10 years). I am also the only person in Aus still on an 8 dollar a month plan!

So sorry to hear about your subie - and about blogger mocking you! Hope you're on the road again soon!

Bishop Stone said...

I really love your victorian lace. Have you done lots before? I have just started my first lace wrap, and love it. The victorian lace looks sooooo delicate, lovely.