Saturday, December 13, 2008


its back! my reading mojo that is. and i have christmas to thank. let me explain.

i hate christmas shopping, usually because people are so bloody rude, and because i stress out too much about getting the right thing. this year i have children to buy for, long lost in-law nieces (9 and 10) and a nephew (16), and in-law step-children? (i cant explain the nature of that relationship, too complicated) twin boys (10) and a most unusual girl (11). trent has taken the latter out today to buy her a drum kit. he was in a band once, as a drummer not a musician (haha) but her mum is paying for that. i struggled long and hard with what to buy all these kids - what do you get kids who already have all the toys? i have this thing about kids and books, that i should be the one to take responsibility for this part of their development in some way, so i spent a long time poring over the volumes available. eventually they all got something, but i walked out of that book store with nothing for myself. i havent bought myself a fiction book in the longest time, but i noticed some very attractive titles while there, and later that night, trent and i went out for dinner at the latest sensation and stopped by kinokunya on our way there. i picked up a few things:

the top two were only $9 for both, and i have read 'what maisie knew' already, but could easily go there again, and i looooooooved the movie of atonement and from what i hear this is his best book in ages, and the road, well i love cormac mccarthy and havent read this one yet, and the steve toltz? rave reviews, shortlisted for the booker, very funny beginning. thats one for the week of christmas itself when we will be in queensland visiting my dad and wondering what the hell we drove all that way to sweat in front of the aircon for. at any rate, i was very pleased to have felt the urge to want to buy books that are somewhat more substantial than pictures of socks, or lace knitting charts.

i also appear to have some gardening mojo. i never thought i did. i am not a tender by nature. i shove them in and wait for something to happen and wonder why they get covered in pests or wilt away. most of the things i planted in the pots however are taking off. one rocket plant is a bit browny and the coriander is not growing because its been too bloody wet, believe it or not, but last week i staked and fed the tomatoes and this morning i discovered this:

yes! a tomato! this is a normal big tomato, the cherry toms also have three or four fruit on them:

the roma hasnt flowered yet but its growing, and i just fed it again now, so im sure it will in time. i am quite excited about this small event.

i am also a bit excited about my lace knitting mojo. not that i am some kind of expert, but last night i finished the first border and turned it to knit the body of the scarf, in the wonderful elongated stitch pattern. i turned the corner no problem but the pattern said to put that last cast off stitch onto a stitch holder and then put it back on the needle after you had picked up all the straight edge stitches, but i didnt see why that was necessary (it would have meant cutting the yarn anyway, why would i do that?) so maybe i finished on the wrong side or something, but i just turned the work 90 degrees, keeping the last cast off stitch on the needle and picked up the rest of them as i was supposed to. it looks fine, and worked fine, so yet again i learn that the pattern is not the word of god and i will not be struck down if i deviate from it in some way. anyway, here it is as i start moving up the body:

there are a few little mistakes but nothing that affects the overall look and that wont block out, and i wont repeat them when i get to the other border, and i am really pleased with it. it LOOKS victorian, if you know what i mean!

anyway, now i have presents to wrap. hope you are all having a good weekend.


m1k1 said...

I love the smell of tomatoes fresh off the vine.

2paw said...

Your lace is so pretty and I agree:there are no hard and fast knitting rules. I went to town today. Far too many people for me!!!
Happy Tomato!!!

Michelle said...

The lace is so beautiful! I'm glad you're pleased with it.

Growing your own food totally rocks - well done on your first "crop"!

Rose Red said...

little tomatoes - good on you!! I find the only books I read now are ones I've read before - not good since I've got so many unread ones sitting on my bookshelves!!

knitting sprouts said...

my first ripe tomatoe is nearly ready too - it is so exciting isn't it? And I love Ian Mcewen- just ready on Chesil beach and it was a great read. I will have to check out the other ones

amy said...

I love when my kids get good books as gifts, and I stress good, because it's absolutely shocking how many bad children's books are out there. And how many my children have received from people you'd think would know better. We quietly "disappear" those books. I had a brief bit of struggle with that--I obviously want to encourage reading--but by the time my first was nearing three I couldn't help but try to explain that not all books were created equal. Which is a long, long way of saying, if I were the mother of any kids you were buying for, I'd be tickled pink that you bought them books. Lord knows they don't need more toys. :)

Bells said...

I feel my book mojo coming back. I have piles of books on my bedside table that I've started and not finished and I am yearning for something that I actually love enough to keep reading. Audiobooks are helping me remember why I love books so much.

The lace is looking FANTASTIC!! GO Kylie!