Monday, December 08, 2008

our sunday tradition

since we moved, trent and i have developed a new sunday evening tradition, when we are home, which means going down to dee why (about 10 minutes drive away) for fish and chips for dinner. we have found an excellent take away shop, where you can pick the sort of fish you want, and how you want it cooked, and we go across the road and sit on benches looking at the ocean. i am quite taken with dee why, its got a really nice set up and there are always people out and about, walking, picnicking, kids playing ball:

it doesnt feel pretentious, like so many of sydneys beaches are. and every time we have been it has been windy and cloudy and quite cool, which is weird, but makes for good photos (warning, more flora and fauna shots to follow!). here is the southern point of the beach walk:

and the view across to long reef:

there are crabs:

and pelicans:

and very impressive cliffs with houses perched right on them.

i am not allowed to blog about how this is where trent spent the first 6 years of his life and how many fond memories of the area he has, so i wont, i will just post this photo instead:

we spent most of the rest of yesterday digging out lantana and making numerous trips to the tip (sigh), thankfully it was somewhat cooler than saturday, but i got no knitting done at all! i finished sock number one of the sweetie pie socks on saturday night - it is a very multicultural sock, having a german heel and a french toe:

i did a single purl stitch on the side of the foot every second row the whole way down, including purling the decreases at the toe, just to give it some detail to try and match the purls in the heel, and i am quite taken with the seam stitch down the back of the heel, interestingly. at first i didnt like it, but its grown on me, and i am pretty sure i am going to do all of my plain sock heels this way from now on.

now i need to get back to some serious lace work, so i have something more interesting to post!

k xx


Bells said...

Great tradition. I'd totally be into that! Dee Why looks lovely.

And the seam stitches do rather work, don't they? I've only done them on manly socks but I think I need a pair with them too!

Rose Red said...

I'm so in love with that sock yarn. I really don't know how I didn't buy it at the fair!

Love the DY tradition!! What a great way to end the weekend.

knitting sprouts said...

that is a great tradition - we do a similar thing in summer at the local pool - but it isn't really the same.

I went and bought some of that yarn - it is divine

Fernicle said...

I miss pelicans...

and the sweetypie looks sweet as pie!

Michelle said...

You live so close to such lovely places! I love the idea of the new tradition. And you can't beat the view. No you can't.