Tuesday, December 02, 2008

a handy little....

...female dog. my possum, that is.

at least, thats what the farm boys say whenever they see her work. they use the word starting with b. sounds rude, but she is. handy, that is. as i have mentioned before, occasionally me and misspossum go off and run around a paddock after some sheep. we got into it because she is a working dog, a koolie, not a border collie, the oldest type of sheep working dog in australia. we got her as a pup from a farm, to do flyball with, but she was mental and we had no idea what to do with her, so we went to see some people who taught us how to work with a working dog. a few years later, and trent runs her in flyball, where she is anchor dog (the last one, who brings it home) for one of the fastest teams in the country. in fact, i think at the moment they are the fastest, but these things change quickly.

and i do the sheep thing with her - i have done a yard dog trial or two but i get very nervous and am not one for competition. i love the practise, and we are now very good. but goddamn, i really get sick of dog people. like, people with dogs who do organised sports with them etc. usually women who have no control over the other things in their life, they are competitive and bitchy and judgemental and arrogant. they live in the city and wear rm williams, and think they are cool, but really they are twits. i have to work very hard to put them out of my mind or misspossum and i wouldnt be having the fun that we do.

anyway, in between turns about the paddock on the weekend, i decided the sweetie pie socks werent working. they were too big, and the purls down the side just looked like really big ladders (which of course they had been designed to avoid!) so it went ribbit, and they have become instead the standard blackdogknits picot eyelet socks, complete with eyelets for ribbon:

they are still going to get a german heel tho.

also moving along nicely is the weldons scarf from vlt, this is the first chart repeat (42 rows):

with two more repeats to do before turning 90 degrees and knitting a long dropped stitch body, and then turning again for the other end border. this whole process seems like quite a challenge but i am excited about it. it might look a bit manky here, and i do not deny there may be one or two little extra holes *cough* but when it is blocked it will look just fine im sure.

nothing else interesting happened overnight.

k xx


m1k1 said...

Your possum is such a cutie.

You are going great guns (what a weird expression) on the weldons scarf. Extra holes? All the better to be lacy with. And don't forget to practice swishing when you walk with lace draped around your shoulders, to make sure it flutters for all to see.

Have you watched Green Wing? Dr Statham (the guy who was also in Lark Rise To Candleford) spent 1 episode practising to get his doctor's coat flapping "just so" as he walked along. I loved that show.

m1k1 said...

But I am intrigued by your last line. Is this code for "something very interesting happened"?

Bells said...

yeah, what m1k1 said about your last line! I second that.

What a lovely little tribute to your lovely possum. i wish I liked dogs more - I think she sounds like someone I would like to know.

You frog a fair bit don't you? I'm sometimes comforted by that, because I do, too. Sometimes you just have to know in yourself when something isn't working.

Am intrigued by the 90 degrees thing!

Rose Red said...

Oh, thanks Jen, now I am also intrigued... Hmm, I wonder what it is code for? "I won the lottery"? "I got a great job"? "I ate too much chocolate and made myself sick"? Now I must know!!

Love the lace - extra holes are all the better for laciness, hey. Very neat construction too.

kms said...

seriously nothing interesting happened! we had a nice night knitting and playing guitar, we even forgot to turn the tv on for top gear. not all that revolutionary really!

Olivia said...

I'm a bit disappointed that your sock design didn't work out! Hope you're not put off trying another one soon. Frogging can be so liberating though, can't it?