Tuesday, August 01, 2006

happier monday

no not a revival of a certain english club band.

yesterday things took a turn for the better because trent got offered a permanent full time job he wanted, in the private sector rather than govt, good package, more leadership less 'code monkey' (yes hes a geek). we havent seen an official letter of offer yet so we're still a bit nervous (why is that?) but im sure its all fine and he will start there on monday. hes been looking for a few weeks and on top of everything else its made life a bit stressful!

so now it looks like we'll be in canberra for another couple of years at least, unless i get some amazing post doc in england or america.

which, considering this requires the finishing of a thesis, is perhaps less than certain.

on that note, have done lots of processing, lots of talking with friends, incl ms d who was here for the weekend with her dog tali, (which was great fun for my possum) and we decided that the issue is that its like im trying to make a chocolate cake with some chilli in it (or some other weird ingredients) and my supervisors arent really sure why you would do this considering chocolate and chilli dont go together and no one has ever tried to do that before and the tasters will probably spit it out in disgust and what sort of chocolate cake has chilli in it anyway? i am extending this analogy by saying that my supervisors are a bit like some types of grandmothers who enter the same chocolate cake (sans chilli) in the easter show each year and get the same kinds of responses and arent aware that over in the other pavillion the chilli stand is all the rage, esp where they're putting chocolate with it.

so im determined to not be swerved from my course and will deal with the consequences as they come.

meanwhile the jumper sleeve has only about 20 more decreasing rows and looks exactly like its counterpart. i will put up photos of all the pieces when done before the sewing commences. i might need some help with 'edge to edge' stitch on thurs night.

hope all is well out there in knitting blog world


ps later tuesday: confirmation of employment received. yay.


happyspider said...

glad things have improved a little for you - was worried! have some more of the pink grapefruit up but if you want it DO NOT BID. TELL me and i'll die you some more and we wont have to worry about eBay or people out-bidding you or what-have-you. of course if you want another colourway then same thing.
hope to see you thursday! (will bring swift and ballwinder) ;)

kylie said...

oooh yes i would love some more pink grapefruit to make longer socks with, i dont mind if the colour combos are a bit different than your first batch, but anything with magical pink stripes would be great. 100g? name your price...will give you cash thurs, will definitely be there :)

Jejune said...

Congrats on the new job (always best when the official confirmation comes through!) - and yeah, I like your analogy of plain chocolate supervisors...

I'm nearly finished my hubby's jumper too, and need a refresher on neat side seams too, hopefully will be able to bring it along on Thursday night.

And what a lovely sock :)

kylie said...

thanks! i just attempted mattress stitch on my jumper and it doesnt look invisible! i am going to bring some with me on thurs night so perhaps we can get some collective help on invisible seaming....taph? spider?