Friday, October 13, 2006

beer and cake

i am going herding practice tomorrow. it is robert, the instructor, and georgina, a participant's birthdays tomorrow. i spent a great deal of time and effort this afternoon making them an 'unbelieveably rich chocolate cake' from the womens weekly seasons cookbook. i had a rich chocolate cake packet mix in it, plus brown sugar, oil, water, eggs, cocoa and melted chocolate. it had to be cooked for nearly 2 hours. slowly. the instructions didnt say 'cake is cooked when....' (this is like a knitting pattern that doesnt tell you how to sew up the seams) so i took it out after 2 hours even tho it obviously wasnt cooked inside but was all hard and crispy on the outside. i had delusions that perhaps when all the dark chocolate in it cooled down it would set. um, no. i waited the requisite cool down time and turned it out on the plate and it collapsed like a bad souffle. so now its in the bin and i have to take something from the cheesecake shop instead. sigh.

meanwhile possum got into the vegie patch and drank all the margarine containers of beer meant for the snails. so now i will be trying to round up sheep with a dog with a hangover. and eating bad cake.

black friday indeed.



Taphophile said...

*cack* I'm not laughing, really I'm not. It's so awful when you go to the trouble of baking and it buggers up badly. Hope the herding goes well, though. :)

kylie said...

lol thanks for your support! today went good, apparently dogs dont get beer hangovers cos she was as wild as ever. back again tomorrow in the heat and the wind when i could be sipping an mocha frappacino in starbucks! will post more on monday.