Friday, October 27, 2006

birthday girl

yes thats me. i woke up this morning to a sloppy dog kisses, a lovely cup of coffee and this beautiful present - my van gogh posters from amsterdam properly mounted:

this is 'butterflies and poppies' painted in 1890 just after he had got out of the asylum and moved to auvers-sur-oise - painted maybe less than 2 months before he died. in reality it has much crisper colours, the light in this room is terrible and i have propped the painting up against the wall because im not supposed to hang anything. (we'll see about that). i love this one for the detail and the lightness of it, some parts of the canvas dont even have paint on them.

and this one:

this is 'wheatfield with crows' probably my favourite painting ever. it was the second last painting he ever did, probably only a week or so before he killed himself, and is presented in the museum as his masterpiece - again the colours in the real thing are brilliant. i love the path in the middle going nowhere but also maybe towards the sun, and the brilliant yellow fields with ominous skies and crows, loneliness and hope all at once. seeing all of these paintings in the one place was really overwhelming and the museum was so well put together, you get a real sense of his whole life journey, his always searching for something, how lost he was most of the time and how unappreciated he was in his life, which seems amazing now!

anyway it is lovely to have them out of their groovy little blue box:

and to be able to look at them all the time. i was too busy in amsterdam wandering around and writing postcards to write down my real impressions of the place and i have been thinking of doing that in retrospect before i forget what it was like. its nice to remember it today tho.

also today i have been swimming which was fun but now i have water in my ear, did the grocery shopping and am supposed to do some housework before going out for dinner and then going to see 'the departed', although i am now tired from swimming (and my inner princess objects to housework on a birthday). trent woke up at 2am this morning for some reason so hopefully we can both stay awake! its terrible getting old.

hope you are all having good ones


Taphophile said...

Happiest of birthdays to you, Kylie. Hope you manage to stay awake for the film. Am assuming you have an early sitting for dinner ;)

kylie said...

thanks taph! yeah us oldies we usually have dinner about 5pm! although its the 2 and a half hour movie starting at 9pm thats probly going to be the problem :)

happyspider said...

Happy Birthday :):):)

Margie said...

happy birthday :)
luffly pressies.
sound like a luffly evening too. x

Fernicle said...

Happy birthday Miss Kylie! Love the posters! My favourite painting from the van gogh museum in Amsterdam was also one with a field of wheat and a crow but not the one you show - it had no track through the middle. It really moved me though and as a povo backpacker I just bought the postcard to remind me of its beauty, a poster would have been nice though! Kisses, fern

kylie said...

yes he did some beautiful wheatfield landscapes, they were all divine. see you soon miss fern xxx