Wednesday, October 18, 2006


i am writing this to the glorious sound of rain falling on the tin carport roof. ive never been so happy to hear that sound before! it has been a complete culture shock to me, to live somewhere where it doesnt rain every couple of weeks at least. i was just outside taking pix of the garden and water started to fall on my head and possum scrunched up her face, like what is this stuff?

this is what the sky looked like, blissfully free of sunshine. i hate sunshine, love clouds:

the light went bad quickly but i took some pix of things happening in the garden, eg the rose garden and wisteria now full of leaves:

and the first roses - this red shrubby one is the best flower producer and kept me going all through last summer:

these ones out the front came out very quickly:

and now they are in a vase in my office:

meanwhile the vegie garden continues to grow, i think it might be time to mulch now - the tomatoes are on the right hand side of this picture and not really visible but they are doing very well:

bok choy not doing so well - i have sprayed with pyrethrum but i expect to lose them all now...will try for cucumbers instead. i wonder what attacked just these and left everything else alone? perhaps i should do some companion flower planting....

anyway i have 500 last words to write for this paper by lunchtime.

fingers crossed the rain continues....


ps of course the rain lasted about 10 minutes and now the suns out again. *sigh*


Margie said...

I was daft and ignored the weather forecast. Rain? It NEVER rains! I'll be right to ride my bike to work!

Yeah, nah. Good thing I did have a tiny bit of sense and packed a change of clothes...

kylie said...

well you were right not to trust the weather man, it was the poorest attempt at rain ive seen in a long time! isnt there something poetic about riding in the rain?!

knittydoll said...

OMG Kylie, I've just notived your Avatar- it's the best!!! I'll happily join you in a cloud appreciating- bring on the rain-dance anytime! Your flowers and veggies are looking divine. How's your knitting block going?

kylie said...

i got the idea for the avatar from you, i couldnt find anything more appropriate to wear than a blankie and slippers! hopey you are enjoying some clouds over there! and as for my knitting, yes nice weather we're having..... :)