Monday, October 23, 2006

in which she admits some days the Can is a nice place to be

yes i am talking about the weather again because its all ive got. there is no knitting to report. dont talk to me about it.

so here is what the back garden looks like today on this glorious spring day, not hot, not cold, just lovely:

here is a close up of my favourite rose bush:

and here is possum soaking up the sun:

and here is the now-mulched vegie patch:

did we go overboard i wonder, esp after seeing mr blooming-marvellous on tv talking about how tomatoes like the ground warm. is it warm enough here yet? not sure, but i know a few warm days are coming and im very pleased with how these tomatoes are going and i dont want to lose them now. i have taken out the bok choy, was getting nibbled at an alarming rate and i dont see why i should play host to a generation of caterpillars. everything else has been sprayed in pyrethrum and garlic oil to get rid of nasty little eggs.

a nice quiet weekend was had at home for a change, watched some movies (brokeback mountain, very well done and the worlds fastest indian, a bit cutesy but fun). We went to the basketball on sat night because trent and jem were involved in a flyball demo there, that was fun! i am having herding withdrawals tho – no more until november 18. how will i survive?

meanwhile i have started on a new thesis chapter today - had a moment on the weekend where the whole structure of it came into my head - not sure how to approach a chapter im not totally stressed out about really!

in other news it is my birthday this coming friday, and I have just made a booking for dinner at pangaea at manuka and then we are going to see the new scorcese flick after. i don’t really care to think about how old im getting.




Jejune said...

Best wishes for a lovely birthday on Friday! Glad you're enjoying the nicer weather - I've planted out two 'grape' tomato plants, and they seem to be happy enough, even with these cold snaps in recent days. Good luck with the unmentionable (thesis) :)

Taphophile said...

Pleased the thesis is shaping up - take advantage of it while you can! I do hope you have a very happy birthday this Friday.

Margie said...

Yah sounds very odd to me too to have thesis brainstorms which aren't just that your brain is storming with stress.....
Good job!

Happy Birsday! :D

kylie said...

thanks guys! i suspect there may be chocolate cake on the menu somewhere....