Monday, October 09, 2006


i have been a slack blogger and a slack knitter and a slack photo taker. we went to herding practice on the weekend and i had some more breakthroughs with my possum, out in the paddock again. we got the sheep in the ring and then back out the gate, with help still but im starting to understand the difference between working sheep and just watching my dog all the time. one day, perhaps sooner than i thought, we may be able to work together without her thinking the only good sheep is one thats running around a paddock and shes chasing while i yell at her to quit it. i came away with some homework this time so ive been working on that today and i think i know whats going on now. we are practising again down at michelago this coming weekend and i will try and remember to take photos!

meanwhile the thesis is on pause while i write this paper i was supposed to give in america but someone is giving for me, need to finish my part of that this week. oh, my feedback session last week was not from an official supervisor but from my co-author on this paper who has offered to be a de-facto supervisor when needed, and he understands the point im trying to make and loved my chapter, said i was a very good theoretician, and gave me some good constructive points for improvement. so thats all good. im leaving that one for now and moving on to the next big section, which is basically three chapters by christmas. hmm.

the garden is going great guns, will take some photos of new rose buds and rocket that has turned into a small shrub. today i put little dishes of beer out to attract snails, there are a couple of little bite marks on some lettuce leaves. hmmmm...

swimming has been hard this last week, interrupted and then ive been so tired and have a sore back from my crappy camp chair, but i do believe theres a camping expo on down here in a few weeks so a new chair may be on the list.

and instead of knitting in my spare time, this week i am re-reading portrait of a lady by henry james, my favourite american author.

thrilling stuff.

k :)


Taphophile said...

That's great about your chapter - best of luck with the paper.

Will we see you Sunday or are you doing dog things?

kylie said...

i am doing more dog things this weekend, down at michelago this time. they have a few months break over summer so i might get a free weekend sometime soon!