Tuesday, October 24, 2006

caravaggio roses

if caravaggio painted roses this is what they would like:

because i have no knitting of which to speak i am obsessed with my garden. i just cut these roses and took a photo of them in the sun and this is what it came out like. it reminded me of the caravaggios i saw in amsterdam.

but something is amiss with my roses, they are dying very quickly on the bush and i think its lack of water, they are browning very quickly. perhaps they need a feed.

i also cut some herbs from the garden for dinner tonight, they smell great:

other than that i have nothing worthwhile to report, except that i worked in the national library this morning which was more interesting than working at home.

stay tuned for more inane ramblings


Fernicle said...

HI Miss Kylie - thought I would check out your blog in return. That photo of your roses is completely fantastic, absolutely gorgeous!! I can almost smell them and the herbs from Norway!


kylie said...

well you know what they say about lifes busy highway and roses fern! miss you xx

Margie said...

those herbs look so darn delicious it makes me want to eat all healthy food and stuff.