Saturday, March 17, 2007

bits and pieces

things have been rather hectic this week. it seems like 5 minutes have passed since i get back on thursday nights before its wednesday morning again and i must rush back to wollongong! the knitting is suffering badly. i have not been game to proceed with the wrap band, as i get a feeling its way too short, (this is the bit where the row tension comes back to bite) but i am going to snb tomorrow and will seek help then. i am working on trents second stripey sock before i go back to knit the second waratah sock.

so i have nothing to show.

only tell. i have had my first serious article published (i have had another one accepted but this is the first one to make into print). check it out. i dont think you can download the whole thing unless you log on through an institutional database but trust me, the abstract's enough. i am the fourth item (the second article).

i also found out i might be able to get funding to go to a major international conference in sardinia (italy) in may, we rushed through a proposal and should know in a week or so if we can go (planning on going with richard who i am editing a book with). did you know it is impossible to book a ferry from rome (civitavecchia) to cagliari? looks like we have to go to naples first. sigh. what a drag. naples to sardinia in spring. terrible really.

if i whinge about anything for the next 6 months please slap me.

see you tomorrow.


Jo said...

Well, don't we all wish we had problems like finding a ferry to take us from Rome to Cagliari?

We better get postcards! (and souvenirs!!)

you are very lucky you know!

kylie said...

i know. grins. its not certain yet...fingers crossed

Taphophile said...

Damn, wish I'd read this before I saw you yesterday! May I read the whole article, please. This is where I admit that one of the things I miss about Sydney is access to historical discourse.

Sardinia sounds like a really terrible place to have conference. Do you need an archivist and librarian with a very passing acquaintance with Italian to help by any chance?

kylie said...

well there are some letters in the gramsci institute in rome i need to read...and they're in italian..and about all i can say is hello goodbye and thanks! will send a pdf of the article.

Fernicle said...

Hey super mega congrats on both the article and the conference funding (big fat hopefully!) Shame you can't be in Naples in June, we could meet up and do espresso!! So proud of you for the paper though, truly great news and worthy of big celebrations!
PS loved the shots of the possom playing while the cat was away!!