Monday, March 19, 2007

major progress

today was 'canberra day' (??) and also raining (yay), so there was plenty of time (when i had finished being a slave to the other halves sudden dusting impulse - curses on public holidays with no dog sports) to make progress on the wrap:

this progress would not have been possible without the amazing taph who spent much time in starbucks yesterday trying to figure out what appears to be an unnecessarily complicated pattern and giving me lots of alternative ways to do it, and then watching while i dry-blocked (aka stretched) the band from 23.5 inches to the required 27 inches, then picked up 137 stitches, as per the pattern, because i am too much of a coward to stray from the printed page.

now i am up to the part where i start adding some decreases for shaping. two things: one - i still dont get the 'through the back of the loop' part on an SSK and two: why must you put a marker about 20 rows BEFORE the row on which the decrease needs to take place? why not just do the decrease at the required spot and THEN mark it? or else even just the row before?

and i need to buy some of those cute stitch markers. fraying bits of wool arent going to last long.

otherwise im a very happy knitter.
k xx


Taphophile said...

Wow, that's great progress - well done. Did I tell you I love that wool, BTW?

The through the back of the loop, twists the stitch and stops you getting a honking great hole in your jumper.

Just read the pattern. TOTALLY unnecessary to place the stitch markers 3.5 inches before you need them. Stupid bloody pattern.

kylie said...

oh well im very glad to hear there wasnt some great mystery of stitch markers i was missing! its a pain in the proverbial slipping a marker for all that time with no purpose! wont do it again :)

Jejune said...

The jumper is looking lovely, Kylie it was so good to see it in the flesh (or should that be 'in the wool'?) on Sunday. And good to see you too!

I'm going to have to buy some Bendigo wool really soon, now I just need to decide on a pattern. I must admit that although I love the design you're knitting (and was planning on knitting for myself), your pattern experiences are making me feel like looking further!