Friday, March 30, 2007

a turbo boost

earlier this week a little fairy emailed me and said she was buying some pretty shiny things that were on sale and did i want some? i said yes and the little fairy delivered them to my door today. i will let the pictures speak for themselves.

it is entirely possible i will never knit with anything else ever again. george is a very naughty little fairy.
k xx


sue said...

Oh the wrap cardigan is looking good. Does the book have lots of nice patterns, or just one or two. Can you let me know as I have not really seen the book anywhere and would like a sneak peek at the patterns.

kylie said...

hi sue there are are some really nice things and some really dodgy things. there is a skirt i want to make and a great sock pattern, some groovy pants, and a couple of really nice coats and short sleeved tops. i think the sweater section is disappointing, they are all too trizzy for me, sometimes you just want a basic classic jumper that doesnt look like hessian sack, but they have gone a bit too far in the other direction. definately worth a look tho. the wrap is the best thing in it tho.

Bells said...

mmmm.....yummy addis....enjoy those!!!

Taphophile said...

Yay for new shiny things. The boobrocks look just right on the new jumper. :)

Fernicle said...

Love all those new knitting pressies you have - making me quite jealous!
Huge congrats on the conference funding, very very exciting!!
I have been having my own scary interactions with bigwhigs of late - I spent Friday day walking 'the' philosopher of nanotech around Bergen, and then Friday night being totally charmed by the head of bioethics at UNESCO - "You simply must come to Paris...". Just keep reminding yourself that they are human beings, not gods, and that given a few more years you could very well be in the same position! Doesn't always work but I find it a soothing and self affirming mantra nonetheless!

kylie said...

oh yes i hear paris is deeee-lightful in the spring! roflmao! good for you fern xxx