Tuesday, March 06, 2007

waratah socks

no i have not been making socks for my favourite rugby team. i have made one sock out of my waratah hand-died and the colour reminds me of a waratah, so its waratahs all round.

these have a picot beginning, are 66stitches on 2.75mm needles, so are a bit chunkier than usual. i also made the foot quite generous in length, they could do with being a centimetre or two shorter, but i like that they are roomy without being loose - i forgot the bigger needles would make the whole thing bigger as well. they will make excellent boot socks tho, esp with the picot edge.

and its a lovely cool day to be trying on woollen socks, with the very first hint of autumn in the air. the vine out the back has a couple of red leaves and the maples along the street are starting to thin... i even had to wear a cardigan out this morning. could the endless canberra summer finally be coming to an end?

and i have stopped dreaming of sheep finally.

k xx


Jejune said...

Congratulations on the beautiful sock - now, cast on the second one quickly! I agree - roll on autumn...

Glad your dreams have less sheepy content :)

Taphophile said...

Opened the front door this morning to the first cool autumn breeze - divine - just like your sock. :)

happyspider said...

ooooooh purdy!
and the cool change is lovely :)

Fernicle said...

I wish I had my knitting supplies...great cold wet weather for it here in Norway...come on ship with supplies roll on around, I want to make pretty socks like Kylie!!