Friday, March 09, 2007

cloud busting

this is a post just for fern, who is living in norway now. it was this time last year i was in amsterdam and i remember how small the sky felt, with the grey all the time, just solid grey, and how i loved it but i missed the big sky. today the clouds are really striking:

and the sky looks really big:

especially looking towards yass in the west:

in the words of kate bush, we're looking at the big sky, its changing in the big sky now...

hope that helps fernicle.
k xx


Fernicle said...

As I sit here trying to avoid the walk to work in the pouring rain, and pour over the gray and drizzling sky I am not sure that the shots of glorious blue help so much as hurt - thanks anyway though!!

kylie said...

ah well it might look nice but blue sky means no rain, again, and its autumn and still much to hurt. id rather be where you are!

kylie said...

hot i mean, its much too HOT!

Fernicle said...

We have had a week of solid rain and I can assure you that is not much fun either...we need some way of exchanging weather whenever we feel like...maybe nanotechnology is the answer, it seems to offer promises for doing everything else!