Sunday, March 11, 2007

what now?

i have done the band for the wrap, at least i think i have, it says 171 rows and i cant count rows properly manually but my row counter says 171. so lets go with that.

but i have some problems. these are stupid questions but i am a self taught knitter and dont have generations of old-lady knowledge to draw on, so any help appreciated.

1. with single rib, how do you know which is the right side? it had a crochet cast on and then i knit the first row into the cast on. the pattern says the first row of rib is the right side which means it is the one with the tail from the start of the actual yarn (ie, not the crochet cast on) on the right hand side of the band yes? it says to finish on a right side row, does that mean before or after you work that row?

2. the pattern then says "place first 14 stitches of row just worked on st holder, 1 st rem on needle. pick up and k 4 sts in every 5 rows along edge of work (137) sts incl st left on needle from last row worked." i know how to pick up and knit but does this mean pick up 4 then skip one that you could pick up, and pick up the next 4 etc, thus drawing the work in a little bit? is it any 4 out of those 5 or the first 4? does it matter?!

ALSO if i am on the right side, and i slip off the first 14 sts then the active yarn gets slipped off with them. do it tie it off and start the yarn new? or am i on the wrong side?

oh god i wish it were next sunday afternoon and there was an snb now.

on a lighter note, we have had no dog things this weekend but have been busy socialising. yesterday we drove up to sydney for a tupperware party at daves place. dave is one of our dog friends and the party was a fundraiser for our flyball team. i am 38 years old. trent my partner is 43. we have never bought tupperware before. it was kind of exciting. this is what we bought:

a basic pantry kit

some cool collapsible bowls, very handy for camping.

i wanted lots more but this stuff aint cheap and we will start slow and build from there. who knew bits of plastic could make you feel all grown up? i didnt knit during the party tho, thought that might be a bit rude :)

and this afternoon we went to a bbq housewarming lunch for some friends who have just moved here from the blue mountains. georgina is a mad knitter, and a good one, i will be bringing her to snb next sunday.

now i need to have a nanna nap.
k xx


Bells said...

hmm...the one I can help with is that the point of rib is that it's reversible. So if you really, really can't tell, you should be able to use it either way. I wouldn't worry too much although others with keener eyes might think differently.

and those collapsible containers are very cool! Tupperware can make you feel so organised!

Jejune said...

Well done getting the band done - I agree with Bells, I don't think it will matter a huge amount about the rib.

My understanding for #2 is that yes, pick up any 4 of each 'set' of 5 stitches. I don't think it's going to matter if it's a regular pattern of picking up or not - the main aim is to get 137 evenly-distributed stitches on the needle, from a possible 171.

I bought my first Tupperware last year, when I was 40... so it's never too late! I've got some of those collapsible containers too, they're very cool (and pretty colours).

Fernicle said...

i got to Norway and found the house had no plastic containers at all...totally struggled. Therefore understand the desire for plastic containers and collapsable bowls sound totally cool. Sorry no help on the knitting front - you and deb are my store of knitting knowledge!!