Friday, March 30, 2007

how life interferes with blogging

hello, despite appearances to the contrary i am still alive. life has got in the way since the fabulous yarn harlot happening which was one of the most fun nights i'd had in a while! who knew sticking your hand in a box and feeling something furry in order to guess its weight, fibre and brand could bring so much pleasure? these are my lucky door prizes:

yes thats right, i won the book made especially for me. how weird is that? this patonyle is perfect for a pair of man-socks for the supervisor who is not a supervisor.

i am already knitting a pattern from this book, which i may have blogged about before (ya think?!), and am making good progress, as you can see.

i am making better progress since i won these boob-rock stitch markers at the happening. beats frayed bits of wool hands down.

meanwhile, life has happened - we were away for four days last weekend at orange where trent judged at a flyball comp, we camped with friends in the freezing cold (thanks for that orange), i went out to my herding instructors place and had some one-on-one time, and have seen some major changes in miss possum in just a few days. just when you think you know something, theres more to know.

then our adsl got cut off while we waited for the upgrade to adsl2... soooooo fast its scary. then i had to go to wollongong to teach and i had lovely classes this week, i am really enjoying it. and i went to a meeting at which my request for an airfare to rome was met with favourably, so it appears as though i am off to italy in a few weeks time. soooo excited. its a full on major international conference, two days in rome, four days in sardinia. all the big whigs, including the people you reference in your phd. eeeck. and im giving a paper. eeeeeeck! more details as they come to hand.

so now i have to start marking essays, finish editing two chapters for the book, write my paper AND my own chapter for the all the usual stuff, like housework, cooking, shopping etc. let alone finding time to comment on everyone elses' fabulously busy blogs! and then go to camden this weekend for more herding practice, and still find time to knit! will someone please stop the merry-go-round!!

a frazzled
k xx


Bells said...

my you are a busy Kylie at the moment! But yes you are making fabulous progress on the BGK pattern. I'm loving seeing it grow. And you are so lucky you got the boobrocks!

kylie said...

i lerve the boobrocks!!

Jo said...

won good stuff, going to italy (funded,) herding coming together nicely, been camping....nup, not getting any sympathy for the merry go round!

Jejune said...

Wow, life's going well for you - so, yeah, not much sympathy ;) The cardy's looking great ,and the trip to Italy just sounds totally exciting - best of luck for your speedy preparations! Pity you can't knit on the flight... I did see instructions somewhere (in Blogland?) for making knitting needles out of tightly rolled paper, which Qantas allowed on board.

Taphophile said...

All this and the neighbours from hell have gone. So pleased you can go to Italy!