Monday, June 18, 2007

all about the knitting

enough about all that neighbourhood, life-in-general type stuff. lets get back to the real reason the blogosphere was created which is to talk incessantly about knitting.

first i have had to make a new knitting corner. here it is:

the big basket is the stash, the little basket is the works-in-progress. here are its contents.

one: the wrap.

bendigo rustic agate (8ply) on 3.75mm. the pattern 'lift and seperate' from BGK. have made the back, the two fronts and one and a half sleeves. still to go: the rest of the second sleeve, sewing together, knitting on the wrap around band. thoughts: difficult pattern to read but simple in actual design. loving the bendigo long time.

two: the baby jacket.

cleckheaton merino bambino in cream (4ply) on 3.25mm. the pattern patons 'quick and easy baby knits' crew jacket design 6a. have made the back and one front, just started second front. still to go: rest of front, button bands, sleeves, sewing up. thoughts: i love how soft the bambino is but this actually makes it hard to work with, slippery even. does anyone find this stuff strands a bit?

three: finally. berry stripey sipder socks.

made to order happy spider self striping sock wool in berry stripey. the pattern blackdog knits picot eyelet socks. have just cast on. still to go: the rest of the sock. i have made another pair of these without the second row of eyelets for the ribbon but these ones are getting the black velvet treatment. thoughts: why is casting on over three needles so freaking difficult or am i just a cast on retard?

its cold today and i am sniffling. lets hope its not a cold.

till next time
yours in knitting
k xxx


Georgie said...

Glad to see you've got the important stuff sorted in the new house ;-)

Wrap progress is looking good. I sympathise with the cast-on in the round - I am having a doofus month right now, cant do it without getting twisted. grrrr. Can't wait to see the berry stripey knit up though!

Olivia said...

It is a bit fiddly casting on several needles, it's not just you! Sometimes I cast on all stitches on one needles (if they fit) and then move them onto the other needles.

Love your knitting corner, especially the little corner shelf.

Taphophile said...

Love the knitting nook - very cosy. You've done wonders with the lift and separate!

My trick for the cast on. Cast on the whole lot of the stitches on one needle. Knit the next row straight, then join in the round. Sew the gap shut when you go to weave in the end. Trust me, much easier and you don't notice the gap.