Friday, June 29, 2007


i have had a bit of rough time this week personally speaking but, as these things do, it has not killed me and has had some good consequences.

one is that i have a very good friend who offered to help me out with a gym membership - everything in life seems to flow more smoothly when i am exercising (regardless of the outcome) because i feel better about myself and less likely to take my angst out on those around me. i have lovely places to walk here now, and can still do that, but i think i need something more.

so, putting aside my pathological dislike of all things gym-related, i take my friend up on her incredibly generous offer and set off down the dark tunnel of exercise machines and lycra.

only to be thwarted at the very first door by the ubiqitous skinny blonde gym keeper, who does my medical history (which is very good really) and then takes my blood pressure with this little digital wrist thing. all of a sudden shes completely freaking out in the most ridiculous and unprofessional way because apparently its 'high'. i am used to it being low, but its been years since i checked and i think the day has come when i can no longer rely on the natural immunity of youth. so she wont let me join until i have a drs say so. have you ever heard such nonsense? if it was someone who didnt know better i would never go back there, but i know its all about their legal liability and nothing to do with my health at all, and then when i get home i look up on the internet and the pressure she got from me isnt even classified as high. in fact, its in the 'optimum' range although could come down a bit. silly skinny blonde bimbo woman.

so i am off to the dr this afternoon just to make sure, but it is a good thing to know because truth be told i have a pathological dislike for all sorts of vegetable matter, so in my last act of childish rebellion i avoid them wherever i can. however, there appears to be a reason why one needs to eat them so i went shopping this morning and spent more at the fruit and veg market than at the supermarket.

see for yourself:

yes thats both brocolli (which i really do hate) and tofu (which i heartily distrust). i will endeavour to cook something with both of these things.

sigh. what is life coming to when you voluntarily buy vegetables?

on a lighter note, the baby jacket front has two perfectly matching sides finally:

i need smaller needles now to make the sleeves. spotlight here i come...

and the spider socks are coming along:

and its sunny today, so one cant complain.

and can i just add, why wouldnt your blood pressure go up the second you even walk NEAR a gym? i mean, really....


EDIT: 5.36pm. Important Medical Update. Just so we all get some sleep tonight, thought you might like to know that my lovely doctor says my slightly elevated level of yesterday was still in the normal range and todays reading of 127/77 is higher than it was in my youf but still perfectly acceptable. so there, skinny blonde woman.


Jo said...

creepy green things!

Nice table arrangement, you actually have to eat them though I think.

kms said...

oh really? thats a shame, they look so pretty there and i feel healthy just looking at them. funny joanne.

Jo said...

well, they're doing their job already if they make you feel better just looking at them

Georgie said...

I have a fabulous recipe for a pasta sauce that is basically stacks of broccoli, with yummy stuff like anchovies and chillies - I'll send it to you. Let me work on the tofu thing; as an ex-veggo I feel a bit obliged to help out there, like I've helped perpetuate the persistnace of tofu somehow!

Glad to hear you're hale and hearty, and getting stuck in - stupid blonde gym bunny bimbo. Maybe if they watched abc when they're on those treadmills instead of fox entertainment they might have a clue. phshaw!

kms said...

re the tofu deb says i should marinate it, bbq it with steak and then feed it to the dogs. sounds good to me. trent says hes not coming home if its still in the house! hehe

Bells said...

that's crappy. a bloody gym instructor has no place putting the fear of God in you until a doctor has been part of the process.

Don't fear broccoli and tofu. Both are excellent items when cooked in interesting ways. Listen to Georgie. I reckon she knows what she's talking about.

Fernicle said...

Glad to hear that your health is fine and you can prove bimbo wrong...although feel the need to defend blondes and suggest they are not all bimbos...most, but not all.

As for food items...I love broccoli and would happily eat it everyday, but even as a vego I am not a tofu fan. My suggestion would be to marinate it in soy sauce and honey, cook on BBq, cut into pieces and throw in a salad where it can be disguised!


Jejune said...

You're braver than me when it comes to even stepping foot into a gym! And blonde bimbos certainly don't help. Glad your doctor can help you thumb your nose at said blonde bimbo...

Hmmm. Broccoli I'm quite happy about, but I'm with you on tofu. There's a great Gary Larson cartoon of a couple of lions standing over a recently-killed and rather rectangular looking deer. One lion is spitting out a mouthful, saying 'Ugh, tofudebeest.'

But I do gather it can be cooked and is edible, so give it a try :) Marinating is best.

Glad your baby cardy matches up, and the spidey socks are looking wonderful!

kms said...

thanks for all the encouragement, im going to experiment with the tofu thing tonight, and of course i mean no disrespect to blondes themselves, some of the nicest people i know are blondes! xx

Taphophile said...

I love veg, so can't really comment on the healthy food.

As for lycra-clad gym bunnies. It does help to imagine them being force-fed milkshakes and great gobs of butter, much like fattening geese.