Tuesday, June 26, 2007

another east coast low

there are lows developing on several fronts in my world today.

one - the weather:

apparently there is another one of those not-cyclones coming. i dont see any great wind or surf just a hell of a lot of rain. anyone out there know someone called noah?

two - the knitting:

a wise woman once told me that the best way to avoid this kind of thing was to knit both fronts at once, on the same needles. did i listen? nooooooo. so what do i get? a complete debacle. now frogged. *sigh*

three - actual work:

now that i have finally finished all that marking and have one more examiners meeting tomorrow, i must return to the real reason for my actual existence, which is to embark on the final stage of the phd. i have to turn the paper i gave in italy into three things - a paper worthy of publication in the conference proceedings, a chapter in the book i am co-editting, and two halves of the last two thesis chapters. the first two things need to be done in the next week or so. the two thesis chapters should take me another 3 to 4 weeks each then its a revision of the whole thing, intro and conclusion. there is a light at the end of the tunnel but i cant say it makes me feel any better. rather it fills me with unease - unease because i am worried i wont be able to finish it (that is, all the words are in my head but will they actually come out in a logical fashion), unease at the thought of the imperfection of the finished product, and unease at the thought of actually finishing and it being time to move on. but to where? that way lies only madness.

much easier to go back to my bad knitting.

oh, two highpoints. one, the last sleeve on the wrap is finished, now its blocking, sewing up and knitting on bands. i will blog it when its blocked so you can see all the bits. another highpoint was the weekend just gone and running around a paddock with sheep again:

miss possum and i made major progress despite having the goal posts moved on us once again. learning to herd sheep is one of the most difficult things ive ever tried! no sooner do you think you know whats going on then you realise you know nothing. but we are so much improved that im thinking of doing another yard dog trial soon, maybe sept sometime.

now i really must get stuck into low front number 3.

k xx


Georgie said...

I have every confidence that will get through these last weeks and months of writing, so just hang in there.

At least the cardy is small (although cleary frustration is disproportionately large!) - perhaps now is a good time to try that knitting both fronts at once thingy???

At least the herding is going well!

Olivia said...

Oh that's a bugger about the non-matching fronts. At least the knitting always seems to go quicker the second time. Small consolation, I know.

Fernicle said...

HI kylie...on low number three and the way of madness...best not to think about what next and just let the universe unfold, knowing that something wonderful will come up. I write this to you from a hotel in London after a fabulous week in Belgium and waiting for a bus to take me to the airport to fly home to Norway. I could never have predicted this would be next but it is wonderful...madness true, but wonderful madness! xxxFern

Jejune said...

I hope you've weathered the various storms well - now I understand your comment on my blog about knitting fronts at the same time :) It's really not too hard, you just need to mark the side seams of each piece so you know where you're up to (use a different colour each for left and right).

The work one is always a bit freaking scary, isn't it. Best of luck with writing all the necessary words, and hopefully in the right order too!

Looking forward to seeing pics of your nearly-finished wrap top!