Tuesday, June 19, 2007

berry picot part one

because i am marking essays (43 x 3000 words) and because they are all about heavy stuff like the stolen generations and frontier warfare, i find myself getting up every 5 minutes and wandering around the house. this is not helped by the fact that there is a major storm brewing, i heard it on the news this morning and i have been freaking out about it ever since. we might have a nice view from here but we are very close to the ocean if it wants to get wild. so i am a bit jittery.

so i am blogging again. at lunch time i got past the first row of eyelets to make the picot edge on the berry stripey socks. here is where im at, about to fold it over and make the actual edging:

i might not be alone with my difficulties in three needle cast ons (thanks guys) but i am finding the whole sock thing much easier with picot edges rather than ribbing which is surely the bane of any knitters existence.

and how gorgeous are these colours - its great to watch them change as they come out of the middle of the ball. nice work spidey!

stay safe
k xx


Taphophile said...

Totally understandble reaction to all those essays. I enjoyed Roger Millis' book as much as the next woman, but 43 essays! More chocolate, more knitting, more blogging.

kms said...

hmmm chocolate, hadnt thought of that. timtams perhaps?

Bells said...

oh it's looking beautiful! I really want to try that. I don't even know what a three needle bind off is, let alone a cast on. I'm going to have to learn.

Jejune said...

That looks just totally gorgeous! Stunning colours.

I don't envy you the 43 essays - it's bad enough when I have to help Dotter write just one...

Hope you're safe in the coming storms - will be thinking of you!