Thursday, June 21, 2007

worlds worst pattern reader

its official. i am it.

can someone explain to me why i can make perfect sense out of french psychoanalytic theory but i can not read the part in this pattern, circled:

that says to do a second set of decreases after the first? is it written in sanscrit or some magic disappearing knitting script? no, its right there for all to see, and yet i dont see it.

so i get to the required length, realise i have three more stitches left than i should have, and then have to rip it back.

its a garter stitch baby jacket for crying out loud, and im frogging it.

un. be. lievable.

ps. that was a rhetorical question. i know why i cant read patterns properly. i am impatient. thats why.


Margie said...

then in following 4th rows.
although you probably figured that out by now huh?
darn it. at least there's a small volume requiring re-knitting and it wasn't a jumper for trent. :)

Taphophile said...

Maddening, isn't it. I've done something similar in a sleeve on the needles at the moment. Still debating wether a row or 4 will make all that much difference.