Thursday, December 20, 2007

contrasting contrasts

so a while ago i made a single mens contrast sock for trent using some patonyle black faux fair isle that i matched with some black bendigo. it took me a while to get going on the second sock, and you may remember i whinged a while back about how i did have enough of the patonyle to make non-contrast socks, but had been led down the garden path by the pattern book. so the second sock is finished but as you can see, it doesnt match (apologies for the rather unfortunate photo, they are actually in the correct proportions in real life):

trent tried them both on last night and despite a rather clunky inside-out three needle cast off seam inside the toe which he could feel, he says he prefers the one with the black heel. more masculine, he says. so because some kind soul is sending me two more balls of the fair isle patonyle, i get to make two more of these that match these two. trent can have the pair he likes and someone else may get a pair. i prefer the patonyle heel - is patonyle not the softest sock wool out there? not happy about the discontinuation. not happy at all.

i also asked trent what he saw when he looked at this:

no leading questions. he said he saw zigzag. so i think i will continue with the jaywalker pattern for now. i can see zigzag too, not as obvious as i'd like, but i dont want to do lacy cotton socks, for some reason i think it would look like c*****t.

and we know that just wouldnt do, would it ;-)

k xx

disclaimer: of course my comment re the craft that can not be named is a little bit tongue in cheek because i have seen some lovely little crocheted things being done for xmas. so dont go getting uppity with me and put those hooks away


Taphophile said...

Definitely zig zags. :)

Rose Red said...

Lucky you added that disclaimer!!! Heh!

I see zigzags too! So funny that he thinks the socks with the black heel are more manly, since they are pretty much exactly the same as the others! Men are funny!

Bells said...

oh yes, stripes, for sure.

I like both versions of the socks but am amazed you sound so cool with doing it effectively all over again. You must love Trent. :-)

kms said...

hmmm im not sure love is what i feel when i he tells me he wants the sock that requires the most darning in of ends, the whole point of socks being to not have to sew anything! i do find it amusing however when he says he couldnt wear two mismatched socks, it would drive him crazy! hehehe