Tuesday, December 11, 2007

do you see what i see...

its a rhetorical question, not a trick one. it is a sad fact of life that i am a glass half empty person and spend too long dwelling on the things and people that are not right rather than the ones that are. i am on a complete emotional roller coaster at the moment given the pressure of the pending pensky completion and how ridiculously hard i am working on it, so i really need to stop thinking about the people who are not on my wave length and focus on the ones that are. there are plenty of those around and i really am very fortunate. big kisses and hugs to the people who have been so supportive over the last couple of weeks and that includes all those in the knitterly blogosphere. where would we be?

i have been overwhelmed with support for my post doc application, i have had two international professors offer to be referees and lots of local support and have come up with a pretty good application, i hope to send it off tomorrow sometime. i am not attached to the outcome, but it is a potentially really great job....

in the meantime, there are two very important things that remind me how lucky i am, and that make me really really happy.

one - my puppy dogs. they're sooo cute! possum wanted to play tug rope and tried to put the tug in my WIP basket, perhaps sensing that everything important goes in there.

when i didnt react quick enough she grabbed it back out and enlisted jems help instead.

yeah big tough cattle dog that one.

two - sock knitting. i am suffering from some SSS envy, people are really whizzing through them and i havent posted in ages, but i will have two pairs finished soon:

it is raining again so i had to take these pix inside and the colours in the waving lace are all washed out in this picture, but gee they are coming along well. i had ideas about giving socks as christmas presents but alas, the pesky file has got in the way.

oh, there is a third very important thing. he knows who he is.

k xx


Taphophile said...

Power to the post-doc application and to the second socks. I have some of that black self striping if you want to do another sock of each kind. LMK.

Rose Red said...

I'm a bit the same (glass half full) but am consciously trying to turn it around - it's not always easy but I think is worth it.

Good luck with post-doc and finishing those socks - they'll be fab!

Georgie said...

I, too, tend to be a little on the pessimisstic side (as my beloved, a glass-half-full-er, so often reminds me), and it can be very difficult when you feel constantly blocked and challanged.

So Im really glad you're trying to take a positive approach - after all, you cant change other's behaviour, only how YOU react to them.

And having fondled the waving lace, I can vouch for how very lovely they are. Noice.

Olivia said...

well actually, that glass looks less than half full!! But I know that's not what you meant.

Best of luck with the post doc, support sounds promising. And, good on you for noticing and listing the good things in life.

Fernicle said...

Do you know the funny thing, when I read the question and looked at the glass I was looking for the virgin mary or john lennon in the reflection! hehehe...
Postdoc application - you go girl! What is the position/project exactly? So exciting! Good luck but I am sure you won't need it!
Hang in there with the pesky pensky, you will get there, just keep shovelling! A friend once told me that the end of the PhD is like shovelling sand, you just have to put your head down, knuckle down and do it, boring and painful as it might be!

Love and xxx to you!