Friday, December 07, 2007

progress report

just a quick one to report that i have finished another pensky chapter. 4000 words this week took chapter five to a grand total of 10204. this is what 10204 words looks like (disappointingly slim!):

only chapter six and a conclusion to go.

waving lace two is past the heel and into the gusset decreases. making these socks never ceases to make me smile:

and we have had sooo much rain here i feel like someone somewhere must be building a big boat and hasnt told the rest of us about it. major thunderstorms, including power surges and black outs, and two freaked out dogs. hard to take pictures of too:

this weekend we are off to chase sheep in the mud at michelago, which means a sleepover at georgies tomorrow night. yippee! i get to see the haul from the $2 cassidy's sale in person.

have a good one

1 comment:

Jejune said...

Great to see you're making such good progress on the T thing :) And that sock is just brilliant!

Enjoy your time at Georgie's!