Wednesday, December 19, 2007


i have written 2767 words of the pensky file today. chapter six (the last chapter) sits at 3195 words. a total of 8000 words would be entirely respectable. it is doable by christmas. i may, however, go mad before then.

and i have hives.




Jo said...

so...are the hives due to worry for not finishing by Christmas or are they due to thoughts of what to do with yourself once its finished???

kms said...

hehe i think the hives are from trying to finish before xmas and the terror is related to the second part!!

Fernicle said...

Madness may actually help...the line between brilliance and madness being quite slim and all...

Not sure how the hives can help, but there must be a way to see them in a positive light...perhaps enabling closer communing with the wonderful world of the bee??

Pathetic I know! ;)