Tuesday, December 18, 2007

magic looping

i solved my no-needle-for-magic-loop-jaywalker problem:

oh. how did that happen?

this is what they look like:

im still not sure this yarn is going to work with any kind of pattern really, but its fun trying.

i love magic loop.

k xx


Bells said...

i'd have to see more of the pattern before I really judged, but i'm almost inclined to say that yarn really wants to be something a bit more simple - like some kind of rib or even the lacey mock cable pattern? Nothing too fussy. I think it's pretty enough to stand on its own. But if you want to persist, it'll be nice to see how it works up because it has the potential to look lovely!

kms said...

i think youre right about the rib bells, it comes up well but the zigzag pattern is not really clear. i am going to go down the leg a bit more and see what happens. at least being cotton it copes well with frogging!

Rose Red said...

Yeah, what Bells said, I think - it is pretty though, so hope you find something that works with it, if the Jaywalkers don't.