Thursday, December 27, 2007

a festivus for the rest of us

boxing day at our house was festivus. jo and dave came down. we broke from tradition a little by giving presents (very thoughtful and kind ones thank you both):

dave is now a convert to the knitted sock (i owe him a matching one and he was the lucky recipient of jo's first mega pair). but we did have a festivus pole (a tent pole through the middle of the table) and we ate a lot:

including the pudding:

nice. we opted for no chocolate sauce which was wise. next time i will just put more chocolate in it. the sun shone brightly and there was much lying around:

including watching the actual episode from seinfeld (series nine, the strike). there was a walk on the beach and a single feat of strength which involved the opening of a sarsparilla bottle. dave left without having to be pinned down.

next year i have decided to improve my christmas experience by not being so bloody bah humbug and buying proper presents for people (including each other) to show how much they mean to us (we were very pc and bought jo and dave each a goat and pig from oxfam, which were promptly donated to families in africa. this makes us feel good but it doesnt tell the people you love how much you love them). i am also going to be more organised on the knitting front so that whole pairs of socks can be gifted. given that there will be no pensky this time next year i think thats possible.

so festivus was great. today we are going to sydney to visit a particular camping store which might have some sort of sale going on.

hope you are all relaxing/knitting well.

k xx

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Jo said...

i liked my goat! Nobody ever gave me a goat before. We need to rethink the feats of strength. It wasn't supposed to be over till somebody pinned Trent. I was looking forward to that part.

Really noice icecream pudding. Just as well we had that walk beforehand.

I reckon Festivus may need to become a new tradition. It was a very good day.