Wednesday, August 27, 2008

five sleeps...

today i thought i would post some pics of what we are leaving behind in five sleeps time. the scenic photos are courtesy of trent.

if you walk across the road and look south this is what you see. thats wollongong in the distance.

if you look north you can see people like this:

if you turn around and look back towards our house you see this:

we are behind the little blue shack, which is the only original house left in this street, built by friends of ours parents, before there was even a street here and they used a bobcat to push the sand away so they could get in the front door. the mcmansions are 'progress' apparently. personally i think they suck.

if you go down the driveway beside the blue house, you can see our house (currently a mess):

as you can see, we have no grass. this is about to change dramatically. when i post pix of the new house you will see what i mean. i do love living here and often take the beauty and the beach for granted, but in summer its a tourist nightmare, no dogs on the beach and its a fight to park your own car. i wont miss that.

in knitting news, lily needs only another couple of inches of length and the front band and tie knitted on. possibly by the end of the weekend?

even though i have to finish thuja first, and have some ranco and cherry tree hill to be getting on with, i picked up some of this to replace the grey lichen rib socks that i felted:

kate doesnt have any more of the grey 5 ply left. i can not recommend this wool highly enough. grown on the southern highlands, processed organically, no dyes (apparently sheep come in this colour). look at it up close:


did i mention five more sleeps....

k xx


Rose Red said...

Nice to see where you live, even if not for much longer!

I'm not a fan of the McMansions either. So characterless. Oh well.

Bells said...

such views to feel sad about leaving behind! I'm hoping you are exchanging them for equally lovely views.

Oh that grey is indeed scrumptuous.

TinkingBell said...

No wonder you're sad - I hoipe you love your new place and have a 'seamless' move!

Fernicle said...

best of luck with the final preps for the move Doc!