Wednesday, August 13, 2008

this is...a work in progress

this is my first time with the 'this is' meme. i was going to do the 'where i live' one but thats about to change and the new place is more photogenic, so that can wait.

and, like the clever caffeine fairie, once i would only have been able to think about the pensky as my work in progress.

but now i am free to work on bigger things, like the Lily cardigan.

it is made from touch yarns (new zealand) possum/merino blend, and is lovely and soft and drapey - i cant wait to wear it.

despite the fact that i seem to have been talking about it forever, and despite the fact that it looks like i am not getting anywhere, in reality, it is not that far off finished. it just needs a whole lot more stocking stitch. the hard part is done, sleeves finished etc, now its just getting it to as long as i want and then doing the bands for the tie at the front.

i estimate another week, depending on how much the rest of my life gets in the way with annoying things like packing boxes. grrrrr.

k xx


Michelle said...

I love it! It's going to look so nice!

Bells said...

God I just can't wait to see this finished and ON YOU! Get moving! Watch some movies and get that stocking stitch done!! Or get Trent to take you on a long drive to a dog show and knit ALL the way!

Trent said...

I do not show dogs! therefore I do not go to dog shows

kms said...

yeah yeah whatever, just take me to one of those dog things you do where i can sit and knit all day, is the point!