Friday, August 08, 2008

oh has the world changed or have i changed

anyone getting tired of smiths lyrics yet? i'll just say that i didnt start it so you cant blame me...

seriously tho, there are some major changes afoot, in fact the last 6 months have basically just been one change after another, and a lot of it has been a change in the way i see things, and a change in what i consider important in my life.

what has been most interesting is watching how other people react to my changes. i am lucky to have as many good people in my life as i do who only want shiny happy things for us, people who have been unwavering in their support over the last year or so and who i hope i get the chance to support in like manner when required.

but of course there are some (not anyone reading this) who see the changes only in terms of how they affect themselves, as though what i do is about them personally.

it has always been hard for me to move on from people, sometimes i dont do it very well, but as i have gotten older i realise that moving on from people is what happens in life. you dont have to say goodbye and that be it, never speak again, but you dont have to live in someones pocket to still be friends.

the best friends i have now are the ones who understand that life changes and you might not talk very often, but that doesnt mean you dont think or care about each other, and when you get together there is no recrimination, no guilt, no making anyone out to be a bad friend, just catching up. maybe its because those people also have things happening in their own life, and dont need to focus on how i am living mine.

i say all this because we are on the move again. a big move. like, a really really big life changing move.

on monday september one, we leave the Gong never to return. i do love it here, with our little shack by the sea, and the easy laid back kind of life, but there is so much else on offer its impossible to refuse. i cant give too many details publically, but 'the gods' (in whatever form they might take) are currently smiling on us, and we are headed back to sydney - to a very nice part thereof, and a very large piece of land, where i will be able to grow tomatoes and have my chooks again, and where the dogs will have more room to run in than they know what to do with.

it is on the outskirts of the city, but still close to everything, and while some may think we are moving a long way, when you travel two hours to get to work from here, thirty minutes from there will be a luxury!

so things turn to chaos here again as the packing starts, and now i am working i dont have to do it all myself (yay) so posting may get erratic but i think there may be some finished objects at least to show soon, eg two pairs of socks and a cardigan i might get to wear this season:

trent thought it was funny to point that one arm was longer than the other and he could get me a pair of scissors if i needed, but those of us who read bells' blog know that its not funny at all.

k xx


Caffeine Faerie said...

carpe diem, best of luck and all of that.

Sorry to hear you're leaving the Gong, it sounds like a lovely place - but your mystery move sounds very exciting - and new chapter-ish.

And if they dogs have more space to run - well - that's very important too. Good luck, and will enjoy the posts as and when they appear. :)

2paw said...

Good luck with the move: I'm sure it will all be very positive and the dogs will be very happy!! I don't think you should mention the scissors!!!!

Bells said...

oh yeah, not funny at all.

You have been through massive changes this year. It's been a big one. And it's not gonna slow down yet!

Michelle said...

Ooh - good luck with the big move! Have you started singing "dont fence me in" yet? I'm humming it as I type!

I'll never get sick of Smiths lyrics. They are GOLD.

amy said...

"as though what I do is about them personally."

Those people are EVERYWHERE. I found they came out of the woodwork once I had children, as if every decision we made about OUR children, from breastfeeding to co-sleeping to homeschooling, was made specifically to indict someone else. I wonder, do the people who think that way actually make their own decisions based on other people?

Good luck with the big move. It sounds like you're going to as nice a place as you are leaving.

Fernicle said...

The move sounds exciting Kylie!
What area will you be living in?

Best of luck with the packing! I just moved offices and that was more than enough packing for me!! Not such a fun job, but cleansing in a good way.

Caffeine Faerie said...

re: you comment about sonny bill and the south of france - the Magpie is still chuckling...

TinkingBell said...

Wonderful excitingness! The dogs will be happy (although no beach?) but as long as you are happy!

Embrace the opportunities as they arise - and the people - life's too short for the other sort - stick with us!

PS no idea about the disappearring comment - came, went, came back again - I just think blogger had a few bad days!

Rose Red said...

You are totally right about true friends - they'll always be there even if you only speak to them once a year. They are the best ones to have. And friendships do ebb and flow as life changes as well - that's a natural part of life too.

Exciting about the move - hope it all goes smoothly!

Georgie said...

I'm so thrilled that this is happening for you! I was also about to write almost exactly what RR did above...I just hope that you'll get back into hearding so you'll be heading down our way occassionally!