Saturday, August 23, 2008

not happy jan

i am not happy about packing. this is just a fraction of what we have done.

i am not happy about fighting with this stupid instrument that is supposed to make taping easier but doesnt.

i am not happy that i cant reach the decorative tea-making things that have been on a shelf for a year and now need a jack hammer to get the dust off them, and that i have to wait till trents finished washing the outside windows to get him to reach them so i can wash and dry them all, which is why im in here blogging not packing.

i am not happy that the car battery just died and will cost $175 to replace which is NOT in my moving budget.

i am not happy that knitting corner is packed away, and that the lily cardigan is so close to being finished why arent i sitting there finishing it?!

and i am not happy that i am enduring this torture while others hang out in groovy caffs in The Can, and i miss them and wish i had never left.

oh im sure there will be new knitting groups, and new adventures and it will all be worth it in the end but right now im just jack of it.

thats a rant and i dont care.



Michelle said...

We wish you were there the other night too! Maybe you should arrange a research trip to The Can so we can take you out for a night of Tilley's fun as well!

And perhaps they'll have chips back on their menu by then.

PS. Rant away. God knows I feel like a good rant myself.

Bells said...

yes, you should have by rights been there. I live in hope that you might return to us one day!

Rose Red said...

I share your pain...and I've only packed 9 boxes so far. Sigh. Packing sucks!

Caffeine Faerie said...


Hopefully, one day, you can use researching history an excuse to come to the 'berra and I can finally sit down and knit with you!

It'll be all alright. Rant away!

amy said...

I don't like one single thing about moving (except maybe getting rid of stuff, and oh, the new place is usually better than the old). But really, it's not fun at all. I feel your pain.