Monday, August 18, 2008

what happened...

this weekend? the bunnies beat the sea eagles and i was there. with a sea eagles fan. vengeance was mine this weekend.

to thuja? number two got started at said game. i had sworn off all other forms of knitting until lily was complete but given i managed to felt a perfectly good pair of lichen rib socks, i owe Him another pair. immediately.

to lily? as donni has already pointed out, blogging a garment is boring. it has grown somewhat. thats all i'll say.

to knitting corner?

obviously it hasnt been dusted properly in a while. but this is where it is now:

my life, surrounded by boxes.

k xx


Michelle said...

Wait, you felted the lichen socks? NOOOOO! That is so sad!

Good luck with the continuous packing!

Bells said...

I feel your pain. I am the proud owner of TWO pairs of felted socks. Both mine. Not Sean's. It's a tragedy.

Boxes! Hooray! Good to see. Are you ok with your knitting packed away? I know I'd be a bit worried I'd need something that was packed! Although, I think *somebody we both know* used that an excuse to go and buy new stash!

Taphophile said...

How fantastic you were at the match! Thinking strong thoughts for the move.

TinkingBell said...

Aaargh moving - my sympathies and positive thoughts to you! (I hate moving - I am never moving again - ever - not even to a nursing home when I'm 90!)
Felted socks - sadness and horror - although my Noros have holes - dammit - I hole - you felt - bad all round! Knit more!

Rose Red said...

Gah! That'll be me soon. Eep! Although I'm very interested in the Hire a Box option - will have to look into that (boxes are expensive!!)