Wednesday, August 20, 2008

up down turn around please dont let me hit the ground

i have been listening to new order on my ipod while riding my bike this morning. new order lyrics dont have quite the same zing for blog post titles as smiths lyrics really do they, although they are excellent songs for bike riding, especially the 10 minute version of confusion.

god i am such an 80s tragic. i still wear my converse sneakers nearly every day. i still listen to new order and the smiths and simple minds. i suspect this whole turning 40 thing doesnt quite agree. for example, on the weekend i bought cute japanese girly bling for my phone. it was red. it matches my hello kitty watch. sigh.

anyway, i have goodies to show. firstly, the lovely little bit crafty jen sent me this last week for a blog comment competition:

it is so lovely, trent thought it couldnt be hand made! it came with a gorgeous book, perfect for knitting days!

thank you jen xx

and the postie also brought a large parcel while i was at work yesterday. when he told me it had arrived i told trent it was probably my sunnyboy. he asked if he should put it in the freezer. funny. not:

two of them remain unopened as they are being gifted, but the sunnyboy is already in use!

and i was totally thrilled to find the needle book came with two shiny new needles in it! how thoughtful is that. i stuck my own in there too:

i think i want more of these. more of everything.

todays tasks are pack up what i can of this office, and do more of my nursing research. i have a meeting scheduled in three weeks to go over my latest findings. i just havent found anything yet....aaaaagh

k xx


amy said...

I love listening to the "retro lunch" program on the local alternative college station. (I listen to their current stuff too!) I still remember the first time I heard a song from my college days and gasped, "But I'm not retro yet!" (The song was all of 5 or 6 years old at the time.) They play lots of 80s, but also 90s and, frighteningly, stuff from this decade. The DJs are all college students, so what do they know from true retro? Actually, most of them seem to have no sense of musical heritage or history. It annoys the heck out of me.

Rose Red said...

OMG look at that lace - gorgeous!!

I'm stuck in the 80s too - I think it's inevitable that the music (and other stuff) that always has the most appeal is the stuff you really grew up with. You can like more modern stuff but you'll probably never remember (or even learn) all the lyrics of these newfangled modern songs!!!

TinkingBell said...

Gorgeous gorgeous foamy lace - yum!

I love my sunny boy - but haven't yet decided what should live in it!

While I like modern stuff - I always have time for the Clash and the Cure and the Smiths and Simple mInds and Spandeau Ballet and stuff (and Patti Smith and Robert Palmer and some others!)

Bells said...

Beautiful, beautiful scarf!!! Love it.

Hmm, stuck in the 80s. I don't mind a nostalgia trip and I still love Billy Bragg but the pop stuff I listened to at 15 doesn't do it for any more. If I was a little older and had listened to proper music in the 80s (the Smiths weren't even heard of in small town NSW!) it might be different.

And I hate what the youf listen to now but there's so much more out there that doesn't get mainstream airtime so I just look for that!

Michelle said...

The 80s were magnificent years for music.

Thompson Twins, anyone? Love.

Of course, the irony is that I appreciate good 80s music much more now than I did then.

Your sunnyboy looks good all kitted out! And didn't you read in the needlebook listing that needles ARE included?!? ;-)

Fernicle said...

Currently listening to a deathly presentation at a conference and the girl behind me is knitting a lovely brown lacy jealous. I think this knitting at conferences thing is really going to take off!

xxx before I die of absolute boredom...thank god I can surf the web and read your blog to keep me inspired to continue breathing!