Monday, August 25, 2008

seven sleeps....

i should apologise for the rant. trent said he didnt like it because he thought i should be happy about the move, which of course i am, and im not one to rain on anyones parade, but ranting made me feel better. and really, it was all because of that bloody tape cutter that kept scraping my knuckles and making me bleed. packing shouldnt make you bleed.

anyway we got heaps done over the weekend, including cleaning the kitchen in all those hard to reach places (good lord, what goes ON behind the stove when you're not looking?!). we crashed early last night and i missed the closing ceremony, but like rosered, there have been lots of 'lympics highlights for me. i always get addicted to the 'lympics, and end up all teary about sports i normally couldnt give a toss about!

of course i love the underdog stories, and the hard luck stories, i do really think anna meares should have got to carry the flag at the closing, because who the hell comes back from a broken neck 7 months ago to cycle like a demon losing only to the world champ? i love that pole vaulting guy, steve hooker, and that young diver, micheal mitchum, watching him cry made me cry!

but the real highlight for me was the BMX. i know, its a travesty and probably not an olympic sport, but there was something so much fun about 30 year old guys with ear piercings on tiny bikes crashing out and claiming 'that was rad dude'. i think i liked the subversiveness of it, so anti-establishment!

and the low light of course was losing to england too often. nothing worse than an ego-inflated pom doing better than the colonists at sport.

but at least the wallabies beat the boks.

and there are only seven more sleeps to go and i really am very excited!

k xx


Rose Red said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Seven more sleeps - how exciting!!

And yeah, it did suck a little bit that England won more gold medals than us - but since they have, oh I don't know, at least double the population of Australia, we're doing ok!!

Bells said...

Gosh not long to go now!!!

I didn't hear that broken neck story. Of course, I would have had more chance if I'd actually watched any of it!

Michelle said...

I'm hearing you - I don't think I have ever cried so much as during their year's olympics. And I absolutely adored Michael Mitchum. What an amazing story, his comeback to diving. Plus his mum and his partner were probably the two most normal family members of any Olympian - some of those swimming parents made me want to barf.

2paw said...

Rant away: I think moving is hell on earth!! Great diving and pole vault medals. I listened on the radio, the TV coverage was rubbish most of the time. I wanted to see the Rhythmic gymnastics. I only caught a few minutes on SBS. Hope the sleeps pass very fast!!

Georgie said...

I cried with the diver too! He was so sweet and just so thrilled that he'd won. Unlike some others who felt it was their due (and commentators make this assumption too, grrrr).

OMG, only SEVEN more sleeps?? Yay! Hmm, then there's the *un*packing to do!