Monday, May 22, 2006

adventures with possum

monday morning dawns nice and chilly in the nations capital. i think my hands are frozen. first things first, i have finally finished the chequer pattern scarf.

it took more than two balls to make it and its not very long, i would have kept going but i ran out.

here is the pattern in close up.

i guess the alternating lots of knit and purl take up quite a lot of wool. anyway its done, i cant stand to leave things undone, which is why i am not very good at running multiple projects at once, unlike some people we could name!! (i feel very inadequate in comparison to some snb-ers). not that i have met any of them yet, i am still stalking people via their blogs until i can actually get to a meeting.

i missed the celebration of wool at kingston on the weekend because i was timekeeping at the million paws walk flyball comp. it was trents last provisional judging assignment and he should be now a fully fledged flyball judge. here he is in the ring, hes inthe white shirt,

the crazy pink people are from the k9 krusaders from queanbeyan, the other team is the east side flyers from melbourne. it was fun, lots of people turned up for the walk and had fun watching the flyball.

before then i had been away for a few days, went to wollongong on thurs and met with richard for lunch then went back to debs. i took possum with me and she had a great time playing with debs boy tali

this is the awesome view from debs backyard!

friday morning we (me and deb plus the two dogs) walked to the island at the end of the beach and back, it was a beautiful sunny wollongong day. stayed for a seminar at uni friday afternoon, drinks with damo friday night.

then headed off very early (6am) to camden for more herding practice with miss possum. we had a great time and everything seemed to go right, i got a round of applause after my first go in the ring, i seem to be getting the hang of moving possum around rather than her running wild.

in the afternoon robert came in the ring with me and we worked on a new technique for getting her to mind the sheep, she had a lot of resistance at first but eventually succumbed and we could get her to sit and just wait, without barking at the sheep or moving them around. i will need to have this perfect with her before i am able to do any real work or trialling etc, esp out in the paddock because if she makes up her mind to chase sheep around a paddock then all is lost! but she seems to be starting to pay attention to me now and recognising that this is something we do together.

anyway it was great fun, and hung around with jo and annette and nathan from st george flyball which was great and cant wait to do it again in two weeks time out at binalong. i really hope that one day we have our own sheep farm and i will produce super fine merino and spin and knit it myself! coooool. i would like to learn to spin but i think i am so impatient!

anyway time to do some work.



happyspider said...

sorry to miss out on meeting you... but i may very well have run you down in a fit of frenzied yarn-rabies (fitsof fibrosis. and you are probably more wealthy than i am right now... and there was still woolly weekend involvement, which is always a plus.
and dont let knitting adhd intimidate you! i was once a one-project girl, but the lure of the yarn was too great. i am always after one more fix (one more needle?). embrace singularity! she is a fleeting mistress.
and if you want to learn to spin, i offer my only recently acquired knowledge - you want a lesson, you let me know.
hope to see you at the thursday week snb :)

kylie said...

i can feel the multiple-project thing starting to take hold! so many projects so little time! i would be most interested in learning to spin, we will discuss this when i see you on the thurs night snb (its my husbands bday that day but surely knitting is more important!!!)